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Those Last Few Pounds

8/17 10:43:06
I don't make a lot of money, but I am needing help with my weight loss. I've already lost 120 pounds last year and initially it was near 150 pounds, but gained a little. I am frustrated with how things are going now because I can't seem to get my body to lose weight. I am in the 220-230 range and used to weigh 350 pounds.

I do look different, but not happy still being a plus size, albeit, I look totally different. I still have weight to lose and need help and motivation. I keep waiting for something that's not happening. I had gone on a liquid protein diet for a year or over a year and didn't eat solid food. In that year I lost a lot of weight and also exercised vigorously.

Now, I want the physique of a bodybuilder, but don't know how to get it. Don't really know what to do or if it's possible. When I step out of the shower, I am reminded of my weight loss and how much I still want to lose. I want to get that giggly stuff off of me and be the size I know is under there.

I just don't have a lot of money to work with. All I know is that I didn't come this far to be a borderline plus size. What really hurt was gaining a little back and that was because I backed off of exercise initially.

I'm back at it again, but I'm not totally committed and consistent. I want to work with weights, but feel intimidated in the gym, seeing strange people and a room full of equipment that I don't know completely how to use. I want to have the physique of a bodybuilder - a female feminine bodybuilder, not a man-ish looking woman at all. My arms are still fat (my uppers) and well, I carried a lot of weight for a long time, but things seemed to go back into place, just a flabby mess and still got 50-70 pounds to lose. It's hard to face, but I've faced it- it hurts, but I'm not done losing weight. If I had not backed off the exercise, I would no doubt have already reached my goal weight of 150 pounds. I need so desperately to get there because that is where I know the true me really is.

Even though I've been complimented and told I'm pretty and look so good now, I'm not happy with this result. I know I need to lose more. I want a flat stomach and the things I was cheated out of physically, like having a slender body. I know it will take work and I'm ready for it, but I realized that having guidance and motivation from someone knowledgeable would certainly rekindle that fire within that enabled me to keep the determination to lose all that weight, in light of the severe difficulties that I had to overcome. Is it possible to achieve what I'm wanting? Thank you in advance of your reply,

Sincerely, Heidi

Answer: It is always possible to achieve a goal. Some goals take longer than others to achieve that's all. You have already lost 120 pounds, that means you know you can do it. Now you just need to lose another 80 and you will have achieved your goal.

I can tell you one thing for certain. The next eighty will be easier if you are not on an all liquid protein diet. This is a terrible way to struggle through weight loss. My hat goes off to you for how hard that must have been. To tell you the truth, it's a miracle you didn't give up sooner.

I had to say that because if you want to do it properly with out the torture, you can eat good meals, work out normally and still lose 2 pounds a week. This means that if you start now, in ten months or August 5th 2007, you will be 150 pounds. That is the honest to goodness truth. There is no reason under the sun that I know of that can keep you from this goal other than you simply not trying or not having the proper information.

I hope this helps you Heidi. Follow your dreams and know that making a choice involves taking action. Let me know if I can help further.

Copyright 2006 Raymond Burton
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