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Enjoying Holiday Foods And Losing Weight Can Bring Holiday Cheer

8/17 10:41:49
Here it is the beginning of December and everyone is starting to think of gifts, holiday parties, and all the wonderful food that can be eaten this holiday season. Really, this 4-5 week euphoric glutton usually begins on Thanksgiving. The following days after, the question that always is asked is "did you eat a lot." This theme continues on throughout the holidays and stops around New Year's. At that time, the individual remembers all the times they took a bite out of another cookie saying, "I'll start my diet back up again after New Years." I'm here to tell you that if you can stay focused during these 4 weeks, you can enjoy the holiday treats plus, if you so desire, still lose a little weight.

Now most people reading this are saying, "Yeah right." I'll have to be honest though, I should have wrote this article in October so that if you haven't been exercising you could have started then so by December your body would have been totally adjusted to the routine. I will make a mental note for next year, but for now let's make due with the time we have.

The first thing I want to say is that if you are currently not exercising then this will be a lot tougher for you. If you still adhere to the majority of the principles that I stress, you probably won't lose weight, but you won't gain much either. I would definitely view that as positive. If you have been working out, then the first thing that I urge would be to still maintain your workouts throughout these four weeks. It is easy to get caught up in the holidays, taking time off from work, visiting relatives, etc. If you can maintain your workouts, you will be able to maintain your body's ability to burn fat efficiently.

This next point I'm going to tell you is the big credo to remember this holiday season. One day of eating holiday foods (i.e. cookies, eggnog, and other fun stuff) will not make you fat. Eating several days, even many days of holiday foods, yes might do something to your health, but one day here or there is not going to ruin the many days you HAVE been exercising and eating right.

So with that in mind, here is what I suggest. Ideally, I would love for my clients to eat 6 days properly and have one day be a cheat day. If you know of a day coming up, which we always do, that you are having a party that you just want to let loose at, then plan that as your cheat day. If there are several parties throughout the week (which would mean you are Mr./Mrs. Popular), then try to eat healthy the meals prior to the time of your party, but by all means have a good time at that party. If you are eating right and continue to exercise, your body will still be able to do its job and quite possibly, help you lose weight, if that is what your goal is.

With that being said, the same credo can apply to exercising. The days that you know you can get your workouts in, then do. If you are planning on partying one night and anticipating not feeling the greatest the next day, then take the day off. Your body isn't going to flab up for missing one day of exercising. In fact, it might enjoy the break to rejuvenate you for the next workout. Fitting in 2-4 workouts throughout the week, will definitely help keep your body where it is and counter the affects of any holiday cheer you might experience.

The holidays are a fun time and you should thoroughly enjoy them. If you do a little planning though, it doesn't have to be the train wreck you might be anticipating. Continue to exercise when you can and eat appropriately when you can (you aren't going to parties 24/7 are you?) and you will be in great shape for the New Year to roll around and kick in those resolutions.
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