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7 Reasons to Try a Healthy-Carb Diet

8/16 17:37:50

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No restrictions

Our 21-Day CarbLovers Immersion Plan includes delicious daily menus and suggested packaged foods. Nothing’s off limits—you get potato chips, ice cream, and wine.

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It's expert-approved

All 75-plus (yummy) recipes were developed by Health’s registered dietitians, who designed every one to be healthy and easy to make.

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Satisfy your sweet tooth

You get luscious desserts. (Hello, chocolate mousse with raspberries!)

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Tone up in no time

The CarbLovers Workout boosts your calorie burn and gives you slimming results in less than 30 minutes a day.

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Eat what you love

Our Smart Recipe Swaps Guide makes it easy to adapt your own favorite recipes.

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You can dine out!

We give you an Ultimate Eat-Out Guide with a Clip-and-Carry CarbLovers Diet Restaurant Cheat Sheet.

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Simply—it works

Real women have already slimmed down on CarbLovers. Here’s what some of our test dieters say. (A few lost even more than 6 pounds in the first week!)

“I really have found this diet easy to follow. At the end of week one I lost 6.5 pounds!” —Michelle Ferrell

“The Black Bean Tacos: Knock-yoursocks- off amazing. This will be a staple. And I lost 10.5 pounds in my first week.” —Katie Finley

“I didn’t have the cravings I expected. The food is filling and delicious.” —Kim Cummins

“I’ve lost 9.2 pounds in my first week!” —Joycelyn Gunn

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