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So You Want to Know How to Lose Weight Fast

8/17 10:41:15
Do you want to know how to lose weight fast and in the process kill yourself? If so, there are many methods for you to choose from including:

Prescription diet pills NOT specifically given to you by a medical doctor. Besides being habit forming, the side effects can affect your sleep blood pressure, heart, and even offer hallucinations to keep you occupied.

Ephedra is an Asian herb and was once found in many weight loss products. Its safety is questioned, as it's been implicated in almost 100 deaths.

Fenfluramine-phentermine (fen-phen), once thought to be the weight loss supplement of choice, this product has been linked to heart valve damage. You may be thinner but the side effects could kill you

Diuretics are better known as water pills. While an occasional use of diuretics is okay, if you're older, you should consult your physician before using any type of diuretic. Removing too many fluids can result in dehydration and putting your body into survival mode where it could begin to hold water, thereby setting up a vicious cycle.

Purging and Laxatives. This is getting rid of the food either through vomiting or causing it to come out the other end as fast as possible. Regular use and abuse of laxatives can result in pancreas damage and low potassium levels It can also be very habit forming so before using laxatives to lose weight fast, think about all the fun you may have using them the rest of your life.

Purging is simply forcing yourself to vomit. Although that breakfast of a donut and expensive Starbucks• coffee tasted good when first eaten, it doesn't taste nearly as good when coming back up. ICK! Oh and you risk burning your esophagus with stomach acids.

To lose weight fast doesn't take any special tools or magic. Fast weight loss is accomplished by focusing on the basics of eating less and exercising more. Stop eating the donuts or pop tarts because they're fast for breakfast. Instead, get yourself up to 30 minutes earlier and fix yourself a healthy breakfast. If you don't a how to cook, learn. Don't make excuses for yourself why you need to eat the way you do. Ie: I'm too busy etc.

Stay away from vending machines and the local convenience stores. Both of these have many more empty high calorie snacks than real food. Pack your own lunch with food to enjoy that are high in fiber.

To lose weight fast, you need a commitment to make radical changes in your lifestyle and eating habits. These changes need to happen today and you need to decide to stay with them long term
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