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The Core Weight Loss Struggle

8/17 10:41:13
You may be thinking of going back to that old, familiar diet plan after the holidays - Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig - you know, the one that you had some success with before, but it didn't last. You know exactly what to do; you may even have the plan memorized.

You know in your heart that the same thing could happen again, but you feel that you should do "something".

But, we all know that the core of most weight loss struggles is not about WHAT you eat . . . it's emotional.

You know the *right* things to do, but if something upsets you, you go off course. When your stress level rises, chocolate soothes.

Every time you have to deal with the frustrations and unpredictability of life, you resort to food.

And life happens every day.

Losing weight is about facing the truth. It may SEEM easier to head back to those familiar meetings, ("just tell me what to do, and I'll do it"), but in the long run, you aren't solving the problem. Usually, you aren't even addressing it. We want to be told what to do because it just seems easier. But it doesn't account for all of the emotional stress factors in our lives. Emotional eating has become a way of life.

We are programmed to think there isn't enough -- not enough love, food, money, time . . . so we calm ourselves by eating.

We don't like the actions of others . . . and we aren't in control . . . but we don't want to think about it . . . it's just too painful, so we turn to food . . . it's soothing, comforting.

We think we CAN'T have what we really want . . . whatever it is . . . that satisfying relationship, time for ourselves, a deep rest, etc., so we SETTLE for food . . . the one thing we CAN give ourselves, easily. And it doesn't talk back.

Losing weight is about being honest with ourselves . . . facing our feelings . . . facing our problems . . . accepting that we can't control everything . . . accepting ourselves and our humanness.

When you start addressing the reasons you feel scared, mad, lonely, overwhelmed, etc, then you won't feel hungry.

When you start taking the time for yourself and the important, but less-than-perfect people in your life, then you won't feel deprived.

And once you face your feelings, then you can start to accept the truth of your situation.

Studies are very clear that the ability to push away food is a great indicator of an ability to lose weight.

Pushing away food is like pushing away your drug. You are left with your feelings . . . and your life . . . and your feelings about your life.

You may discover that it's not so bad. After all, you are human. And it WILL be ok.
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