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Using Sleep To Help You Lose Weight

8/17 10:40:56
Do you find that you have been struggling to shed some of those pounds?
If you have, you have probably also been having a go at some of those weight loss pills, a bit of dieting or maybe even a trip down the gym a few times for that dreaded exercise routine. But none of them seem to do the trick, do they?

The problem there doesn't really have anything to do with the things you are trying while you are awake, more like the fact that you are awake.

Research has shown that the more sleep that you get, and also the better quality of sleep that you get, can help you melt away some of those unwanted pounds, without having to shell out on some of those expensive faddy diet regimes. The pointer there for you is, if you want to shed some of those extra pounds at last, instead of wasting your time counting those calories; spend a little more time in bed.

The number one reason that having more sleep can help you get that weight off, is probably fairly obvious to you. The more time that you spend in bed asleep the less time you are going to be down raiding the fridge or tucking into the biscuit tin.

Another reason to bear in mind is, we all get a certain craving now and again for a snack or something similar that is not good for us, and the less time we are asleep the more time we have to succumb to those cravings. Also bear in mind that being deprived of sleep actually lowers our reasoning skills, therefore when we are met with those food cravings our power to resist is much lower.

When you get a good night's sleep you get up the following day feeling vibrant and full of energy. By feeling like this you are more likely to get up and have your self a workout, which will in turn further your weight loss efforts.

The way in which our bodies metabolise carbohydrates is another effect that being deprived of sleep has on us. Many people have a problem with digesting carbohydrates if they do not have a sufficient amount of proper sleep. What happens is, instead of the food being used up as energy the calories are kept in the body and are stored as fat.

It is also worth noting that by having an excess of carbohydrates in your system it could cause a rise in your blood sugar level and resistance to insulin which both happen to be symptoms of type two diabetes.

So there we have it, if you would really like to melt off a few of those pounds, apart from the little bits on the side you are working on, like a bit of exercise and cutting down on those crispy cream cakes, make it one of your missions to get a full and proper nights sleep every night.
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