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Weight Loss - Its Not A Dream, Its A Lifestyle

8/17 10:39:57
To begin a weight loss program is an admirable goal. Congratulate yourself! Weight loss is really about setting and achieving small-sustained goals. Think in terms of these goals; and who knows…you may be on your way to losing, and keeping your weight off.

Goal one: a sensible eating plan that allows a bit of flexibility. Goal two: an aerobics plan that you can stick to. And finely Goal three: building muscle mass.

You're sensible eating habit that reduces calories is the key to any weight loss plan. Understand what you can give up and what put you over the top is key. For me it is pizza! It's my Achilles heel. I can eat the whole pie in one sitting. I try to stay away from pizza as a rule. I know this and allow myself to indulge sensibly on occasion. I only reward myself for meeting exercise or caloric goals.

Eating a good breakfast such as oatmeal or eggs and toast allows one to eat less later on in the day. You should enjoy lunch and perhaps a sensible snack such as cottage cheese or fruit. Watch out for late night binges that really just fill in the time. You know yourself, so care enough to write a plan that you can enjoy without over eating. Remember you did not get overweight by eating too little…

Aerobics is the only way to really burn off fat. If you are out of shape get out for a walk, bike ride or use an elliptical machine, which is gentle on the joints. Start out at least 20 minutes a day with the goal of 40 minutes at least. Faster is better, but it is the duration at an intensity level of 8 + at 150 if you're on an elliptical machine that will assist you to loss the pounds faster. You should get your heart rate up and sweat to really lose weight.
Use muscle mass to pull the new you all together. For under a hundred dollars you can get a set of inexpensive free weights or dumbbells to begin toning. High reps with progressive resistance will get you where you want to be. Curls, and military press for the upper body and toes raisers and squats for the lower body. Use 10 pounds in each hand and work up from there. You CAN do it! As you get more confident vary your routine and read a book on weight training at the library to learn more. You will like the new you, just give it a little time...

Lastly, remember to vary your workouts and not overdo it or you will likely not do it! A good rule of thumb is aerobics one day and weights with the upper or lower body the next. Take Sunday off as it the day of rest and do enjoy the new you.
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