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Baby Fat Loss Will Take Time

8/17 10:39:40
One of the first things you need to remember when you think about baby fat loss is that it took about nine months to put it on. Plus, depending on the type of delivery you experienced, it may be at least six weeks before you can think about beginning an exercise program to start taking it back off.

Breast-feeding may also complicate starting a baby fat loss program and it can be dangerous for you and baby to do so if using nutritional supplements or pills. This is by no means saying any woman should stop breast feeding, just that figure that into the time it may take for you to show the baby fat loss. Some experts advise that getting down close to your pre-pregnancy weight will be hard and getting to the pre-pregnancy weight will be extremely hard.

Experts agree that women who were in shape before pregnancy have the easiest time reclaiming their shape following pregnancy as well as with baby fat loss, but also caution against beginning a rigorous training regimen too soon after delivery. To get back in shape and stay that way, they recommend 30 to 50 minutes of exercise and training five days a week.

Ease Into Exercise For Safety

May experts also advise that women who were not in shape before pregnancy, should be careful with starting an exercise routine too quickly. The baby fat loss will take time and if they were not involved in a rigorous cardio routine before the pregnancy, they should not jump right into one. Starting with a walking routine will be the best way to start a baby fat loss program.

During the first two weeks after delivery baby fat loss is the quickest and noticeable, typically it can range from 15 to 25 pounds. Retaining water and the last few pounds of pregnancy-related can be the hardest. Although weight-loss programs while breast-feeding is not usually recommended, breast-feeding can help with the baby fat loss as the body relies on the fat stored in it to help process milk.

There is a slight difference in weight loss between mothers who breast-feed and those who bottle feed, but after three to six-months, that difference seems to disappear. Additionally, without diet pills or other supplements, there are studies that show any ill effects between dieting and exercise and the quality or quantity of milk available.
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