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Has Kevin Trudeau Found The Weight Loss Cure?

8/17 10:38:44
If you are seriously interested in buying "the weight loss cure that they don't want you to know about" by Kevin Trudeau, You need to pay very close attention to this article.

Simply stated my review is a yes, but.

Here is what I mean, after reading the book; you get a sense that all the suggestions do make sense. I mean, who can argue about the fact that in order to lose weight, you need to eat better and be more active.

This is definitely sound advice, so in that sense, there is nothing to argue about. I profess that to my clients' everyday.

Kevin Trudeau "weight loss cure that they don't want you to know about" advises you to puts the brakes on MSG, artificial sweaters, sour cream, white sugar, white flower, high fructose corn syrup, fast food chain restaurants.

This is the way I look at it, if you expect to lose weight and keep eating those foods listed above on a regular basis, you are just crazy. There is no way around that, you have to improve your weight loss habits.

You just can't cure "Weight Loss" with these foods and behaviors.

It is true, most large food corporations don't want you to know about the negative side effects of their food products and I command Kevin Trudeau to have the guts and tackle them as he did to the pharmaceutical industry. It does take a lot of courage.

To put it really simply, this book encourages us to adopt healthy habits that will cure our weight loss problem. Kevin Trudeau "weight loss cure" advises you to improve your eating habits by eat eating organic apples, drinking lots of water, using infrared saunas, eating large salads at lunch and dinner, eating organic meats, eating organic grapefruits using organic cider vinegar and season with hot peppers.

"The weight loss cure" also advises you to improve you exercise habits by walking an hour a day or more, adding muscle, doing breathing exercises and rebounding.

But wait there is more on the weight loss cure by Kevin Trudeau.
The weight loss cure also advises you to do a liver cleanse, a colon cleanses, do a Candida cleanse and more. Obviously there is a lot of cleanse package for you to buy from his site too. I am all for cleansing. But one aspect of cleansing that people don't understand is the fact that by removing most of the processed foods from your diet, you are already starting to cleanse your system.

Secondly, I see people doing all kind of cleansing and go back to eating junk. At this rate cleansing is going to be the next "magic pill" to take to lose weight. There were diet pills as magic solutions and I can foresee cleansing kits being shown as being the next best thing.

After reviewing this program, I am not sure if Kevin Trudeau weight loss cure is promoting healthy nutrition and exercise habits or potential addiction to cleansing kits. Another aspect that is bothering me is all the "weight loss infomercial hype" from his website. Anytime someone claims that you will lose 30 pounds in 30 days. They lose a bit of my respect, because this is a misleading statement.

There are secrets that "they" don't want you to know about. It is true but it seems that Kevin Trudeau weight loss cure has his own agenda. I would recommend most of the advice on better nutrition and exercise. From there, you may go for a simple liver or a colon cleanse but you got to stay focus on your eating and exercise habits because they are the true cause of fat loss not a pill.

It is just too suspicious for me. The official website is promoting a boatload a supplements. This is a red flag for me.

It could it be a diet pill or a cleansing kit. Neither is the real cause of losing body fat.
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