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4 Easy Formulas of Weight Loss

8/17 10:38:26
Control on calories is the ultimate goal you must reach to control your weight. There are different ways you can try out to get a sexy figure and a healthy weight. But in the regular course of mundane life you really can't spend hours in the gym or pour in every bit of concentration on your weight and diet. As a result most of you drop the idea of continuing exercises and the diet control regimen. You give up with a consoling image that after all you are not going to become a matinee idol.

Therefore you must follow such techniques of weight control that you can carry out regularly without any breaks. It should suit your work profile and lifestyle and not make you feel of a burden you are being compelled to perform. Things done with dislike in due course give bad results.

Begin with the easiest formula

Water and weight have a close relation. If you can drink at least 9 to 10 glasses of water regularly where the size of the glass is 10 oz you will be highly benefited. This keeps your body refreshed and leads to proper functioning of every system. Especially most problems with digestion and excretion are resolved through water. When you are okay with these two systems the balance in your body weight is automatically gained.

Thus water is one of the best ways to keep you healthy and fit.

Diet care

Proteins and unsaturated fats help you a lot to have a control on your weight. There is often a wrong notion that protein means animal products. Depend more on plant products to supplement protein need to your body. Soybeans are yummy and healthy. They are easy to digest and quick burners of fats. The American College of Nutrition has published in its Journal that soy-protein foods help in burning fats which is scientifically termed as post-meal thermogenesis.

Oil to prefer

Olive oil and flax seed oil are low fat oils. You can also consume fish oils, which are rich in omega 3-6-9, the very well known formula of unsaturated fats. These oils don't have a tendency to form fatty deposits in the body cells. Moreover they are great boosters of the body's metabolic activities.

20 minutes exercise daily

Twenty minutes out of twenty-four hours - is it a big deal? Not necessarily you have to shake off your blues in the early morning. You can schedule it as per your convenience. You can also break it in two parts. There is nothing to drive to gym. Carry it out at your very own place but don't skip the routine. That's all!
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