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Weight Loss Supplements: Know The Popular Ingredients

8/17 10:38:26
Were you more inclined towards weight loss pills these days? Look medication is indeed a major way of any treatment. But weight gain in its first stage is not a disease. Obesity is a disease and there is no doubt in it if the cause is genetic and hormonal factors. Thus if you have a due control on your way of living you can put on a strict command over your body weight as well.

Many of the weight loss drugs have been banned over the time. The Food and Drug Administration of the United States have very strictly restricted the use of drugs like ephedra etc. On the other hand the Environmental Nutrition has brought out a guideline of healthy supplements to be befittingly used for weight loss.

The mineral ingredients

Chromium has the capacity to put down body fat effectively. ChromiumMost is the name of the recent ingredient being present in huge amount in the weight loss supplement chromium picolinate. A 200 mg of chromium picolinate can easily help you reduce something around 2 pounds within a week's time. Just increase the dose by another 200 mg and then you also double the loss of weight within the same time frame.

Fibrous course

Low cal diet has become synonymous to fibrous edible stuffs. Weight loss supplements are no exceptions. Chitosan is a type of fiber present in shellfish mostly in lobsters. This fiber is in fact tough to digest and to some extent indigestible. But as a weight controller it functions extremely well.

Chitosan helps in two ways. It forms an integrated bond with the food you consume. Secondly this helps chitosan to create a barrier in the absorption of fat by the cell walls. As the final resultant the probabilities of fat accumulation in the body is made null and void. You can thus remain free from fat with the chitosan fiber.

Under research

CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid is yet to strike the market as a weight loss supplement. Researches are on but it has been already deciphered that this particular stuff has an immense capacity to lean down your fat and help you gain a balanced weight. Now the basic ways CLA is already getting into your body is through beef and different dairy products. Yet you cannot regard them as weight control supplements. The correct proportion and the right way of adding CLA along with chromium picolinate has to be found out to be best devised as a popular ingredient in the weight loss supplement.
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