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Trick of Seven to Stop Weight Gain

8/17 10:38:15
Who doesn't love the sight of the vibrant colors of a rainbow? The mesmerizing combination of the seven colors VIBGYOR is unique. We all want our life to be as colorful and enigmatic as the rainbow. The rule of seven has its implication in various domains of our life. For our being well and keeping a good health, the number seven is always with us.

Weight control measures can also be categorized as seven golden rules. Follow these thumb rules word by word and fight against all possibilities of gaining weight.

- Stick to a vegetarian diet. This is among the key priorities if you sincerely want to control your weight. Vegetables and fruits have all necessary nutrients and can compensate in a better way to your growth requirement.

- The simple formula H2O is miraculous. Life without water is unimaginable. Is this the only reason you must drink sufficient amount of water? Control over body's weight is another primary reason you must drink at least eight standard measuring glasses of water daily.

- Have green natural food in the form of less fried and more like soups, boil and stews. Such preparations don't damage the nutritional values. Moreover they don't get deposited as saturated fat in the body.

- Start walking in the morning hours for at least half an hour till forty-five minutes. Slowly bring it into your routine to go for a morning walk and jogging session in combination.

- Turn your back completely towards fast food items. They boost up your calorie consumption and are a storehouse of fat.

- Fasting is a healthy way to keep control over diet and weight. But fasting should not go to the level of starvation. No weight control program will ever suggest you to practice fasting for a long duration. It can be one in a week or a fortnight. Generally this gives your digestive system complete rest for a period of time. This is very much needed for proper function of the systems and its associates.

- Exercises and warm up sessions can come in a package with regular body massage. Massaging instigated direct movement of the limbs with pressure and comfort. The process in the body massage helps you to tone up your muscles. You need not find any other method to shape your muscles if you can regularly go for massages. The morning hour is the best for both exercising and massaging.

Stick to these well-framed formulas and continue for a couple of weeks. You will get immediate results.
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