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New Diet Weight Loss Plan That Really Works!

8/17 10:38:05
If you're in the market for a new diet, you may want to save a few dollars and follow through on the weight loss advice I give you here. That is, unless you want a new diet weight loss plan where the foods you're supposed to eat are only found two thousand miles away, in an exotic country that you'll need a passport to enter.

That's a joke. But your weight loss efforts are not.

So in lieu of your next successful dieting effort, I've included a loose plan that will work weight loss wonders if you follow it.

5-step diet weight loss formula

One: Immediately increase your water intake to 12 cups a day. More if you can swing it, but at least 12 cups. Some people claim they don't like the taste of water. No problem. Several companies now have flavored water products on the market. Find one you like and go with it.

Two: Include a source of protein with every meal you eat. Never eat a meal without some type of quality protein. Be it chicken, tuna, turkey, or even lean beef. Carbohydrates spike your insulin levels without protein, causing fat storage. With protein your insulin levels stay even. Good dieting 101.

Three: To lose weight as quick as possible, make sure to exercise a minimum of 4-5 days weekly. Nothing tough, not at the beginning, anyway. Walking will suffice. Do it 20-30 minutes a day. Add more time as you get better.

Hey, you didn't think you could lose quality without exercise, did you? Not unless you want your skin to hang off your body once the weight disappears.

Nope. You want tight, lean skin.

Four: To lose weight fast, increase your daily fiber intake to 40 plus grams or more. Yep, fiber is a key nutrient that keeps your body regular and keeps your digestive track healthy. You can get fiber from fruits and veggies, and if you need another source I always recommend Fiber One cereal. Swallow 1 or 2 mouthfuls with ever meal.

Eating extra fiber will also keep you full, which will cut down on off-diet cravings.

Five: Make a grocery list before you go shopping, and always shop on the outer edges of the store. The healthy things are all located on the outer edges. You can call this preventive maintenance because it prevents you, me, or anyone else from being tempted by the cookie aisle. Chips Ahoy: a diet no-no.

Take this new diet weight loss plan and make it your own. Begin using the 5 weight loss tips today, and before long you will find yourself on the better end of a complimentary smile next time you pass an attractive member of the opposite sex.
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