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Your Fastest Easiest Weight Loss Ever!

8/17 10:37:40
These days everyone wants to lose weight in a hurry, without any pain. No struggles, just a quick zap and bang, and presto: weight loss magic occurs. Of course that's not very realistic, but there is a way to lose weight fairly simply and keep it off. I call it the fastest easiest weight loss plan ever.

Weight loss always begins on the inside. You need to make a mental shift in order to be able to create a physical shift. So here's weight loss rule number one: if you think about taking a short cut, in the long run you will have wasted time.

Simply don't do it! The back-end result of a shortcut is very often the yo-yo dieting syndrome so many people face. A person will think he can cut corners with diet and exercise, but in the end the weight is back on, and usually more than before.

That's an ugly thought. And you know you're better than that, anyway. So what you do is gear up for proper weight loss from the beginning. How? By shifting mental gears and realizing an important point: you will probably be alive four months from now, so if you look your best ever in four months, as opposed to trying to manipulate your body in 4 weeks, you will be much happier with your results.

The fastest easiest weight loss plan ever should yield permanent results, not temporary fixes. Here are 5 steps for your best body ever. Follow these steps and you will lose weight.

Step 1. Assess yourself. Start a journal and take measure of your beginnings. Write down your starting weight, your end weight, and all the things you think you might need to accomplish your weight loss goals. Make a list.

Step 2. Work from that list daily. Things on the list might include beginning daily walks, reducing late night snacks, eating less sugary foods and foods with saturated fat. Increase your water 10-12 cups a day. Cut out sodas, etc. Good diet habits.

Make a daily diet checklist and cross things off as you go.

Step 3. Change your perception. It's not what you do that makes you overweight. It's what you're not doing. What I mean is, the bad foods, although they're bad, if you added a brisk 20-30 minute walk after your last meal you would help that food digest and filter through your system faster.

You would lose weight, where right now, you are actually gaining it.

Step 4. Stick and move. Most people have a resistance to beginning any activity that might be hard. Stepping out of a comfort zone can be tough. So whether its exercise or diet, or something you're not comfortable with, get into it slowly, be gradual, warm up to it. This way you can get your weight loss efforts on track in increments.

This takes the pressure of you, and any time limits you set for yourself.

Step 5. Understand progression. Your body is an adaptive mechanism. You may not be efficient at exercise at the beginning, but if you can leverage yourself to take action it gets easier.

Once it does get easier, you must push a little harder, and then a little harder. And you keep going from there. Losing weight gets easier as you progress. You can do more, have more energy, and shrink your waistline very quickly once you get moving.

The fastest easiest weight loss plan ever, starts out slowly and then revs up like a high performance engine in the race of your lifetime. Are you ready take it to the next level?
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