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When You Recognize What Causes You To Overeat, You Can Lose Weight

8/17 10:36:50
Recognize What Causes You To Overeat

Fundamentally, obesity is caused by overeating. For some people it becomes a problem when they do not know•  how to control what foods they eat, how often they eat and how much they eat. You could be misled into•  thinking that you can remedy this by exercising hard and furiously.•  Alas, what you burn in calories in one•  hour through exercise can be quickly eliminated in one minute of overeating.•  Let's face it, obesity can•  kill and therefore it becomes a real health-hazard.

If you find the need to eat beyond what is normal and healthy, and which has become a habit that you cannot•  break, you might want to examine what are the causes or triggers to your eating habits, most of which are•  going to be psychological.

Some people eat because they feel sad, bored or angry. Some people eat even though they are not hungry and•  will not stop even though they are satisfied.•  If you are struggling to lose your weight, perhaps it will•  benefit you to recognize what causes you to overeat, so that you may make those sensible health choices•  that can stop your overeating:

*•  If you overeat because of negative emotional triggers, you need to get proper counseling.•  Recognize•  that you need to learn how to control these emotions.•  Chances are once you are attuned to the whys, you•  will become less inclined to reach out for foods to solve your emotional needs. You are in control of your•  emotions - Instead of feeling the negative emotion, change it so that it becomes positive instead.

*•  If you overeat because you are surrounded by unhealthy foods, then be aware of those and get rid of them•  immediately.•  Start looking in your house and fridge on what you have stocked up - chocolates, sodas,•  cakes, potato chips, crackers, and all manner of unhealthy foods.•  Remove all the inherent temptations and•  replace them with healthier foods and snacks, like fruits, carrots, celery and whole meal crackers.

*•  If you overeat because you are not paying attention to what you are eating, then start paying attention.• •  If you eat while watching television and you cannot help realizing what and how much you are eating, well•  switch off the TV.•  Do not eat while being distracted when reading the newspaper, put the newspaper down•  instead.

*•  If you socialize a lot and tend to overeat during social functions, make a plan to snack before you•  leave home so that you do not arrive hungry. Drink a tall cool glass of water so that you will feel full•  faster. Watch your alcohol intake and your food portion. Ensure that you are in the company of people to•  keep your mind off the food and thus, you can put an end to your overeating.

You can successfully overcome overeating if you become aware of your relationship to food - what causes you•  to eat, what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat. Once you recognize the relationship and the•  triggers, you can then be aware of the factors, and take positive and preventative steps to break the habit•  of overeating.
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