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Weight Loss Secrets Revealed?

8/17 10:35:34
It seems there is a mystery which surrounds all people on a diet: how to find the "weightloss fat burner secrets" that will end their misery, obesity, or simple desire to be thinner, ultimately without too much extra work or additional suffering.

For many women - and men for that matter - who have been on a diet seemingly all their lives, "weight loss fat burner secrets" would relieve them of the on-going stress of "sticking to the diet".

How many people do you know that start a diet at the beginning of the week, only to end up bingeing on a Friday (treat night!), letting go on the weekend, and deciding to start it up again on Monday, only to repeat the cycle endlessly again week after week? Off-hand, I know six, seven including myself!

Making matters worse is the fact that most of the time people "on a diet" end up heavier after their diet than they were before they began it!

Also, many people confuse alternative remedies such as Green Tea drops, hypnotherapy, or acupuncture with "weight loss fat burner secrets". In their minds, these treatments will inexplicably disintegrate the fat without them so much as lifting a finger. That's not a "secret", that's a miracle!

Unfortunately, these "weight loss fat burner secrets" are not so much "secrets" as "common sense" although, with a bit of extra know-how regarding aerobic and anaerobic exercise and how each of them works, it is possible to glean what could be construed as "weightloss fat burner secrets".

The first of these "weight loss fat burner secrets" is to know that the greater the intensity of exercise, the faster your metabolism works, and the more efficiently you burn fat and calories. In other words a high-intensity workout for a short time will in effect, burn the same amount of calories than a lower-intensity workout for a much longer time.

The next of these "weight loss fat burner secrets" is to cull the amount of time spent on each exercise focussing more on "how" you do them rather than "how long you do them for". It is no good just throwing your limbs around aimlessly and hoping that you are doing something right. Nor is it beneficial to do hundreds of repetitions of exercises incorrectly. All you will end up doing is getting tired and hurting yourself.

Another one of the more well-known "weight loss fat burner secrets" is to do regular exercise. It is hardly likely that you will increase your metabolism if you only workout 1 day a week, even though 1 day is still better than no days.

Of course, there are many more "weight loss fat burner secrets" such as breathing, technique, and types of exercise, to name a few, however probably the greatest one which rarely gets a mention is that of "willpower". Mind over matter is not just a catch-phrase, it really is true.

So, if you have the willpower to stick to a program, diet, or regime, then all the "weight loss fat burner secrets" are yours for the taking...and will work!

Over the years, my friend had tried all sorts of diets such as the famous Atkins diet - a low-carb weight loss plan.

There was also the Soup diet - a 7-day plan comprising of eating only soup leading to a substantial weight loss in a short amount of time as it was designed for obese patients needing to lose weight quickly before having surgery.

She tried the Food Combining Diet - eating certain foods in combination and avoiding mixing carbs and protein on the same day, supposed to speed up weight loss.

Next she decided Complan - a diet that guarantees weight loss as major meals are replaced with quite a tasty calorie-controlled drink - was the way to go.

She also gave the low calorie "fad" diets, found in gossip magazines, a go!

Though there are more that I haven't listed, you get the idea. Ultimately, there wasn't a diet in existence that she hadn't tried!

Most of the time, these diets did do what they promised. Weight loss ensued and for a few weeks afterwards too. However, once my friend returned to her "normal" lifestyle, naturally, so too the weight returned with it, as well as disappointment and the feeling she had wasted her time.

That was when she went to a dietician who told her that natural weight loss was possible if she combined a healthy diet with a little daily exercise. Simply put, all she had to do was burn up more calories per day than she was eating. Not that this was news to her. I mean, let's face it, everyone knows that!

What most people don't know is that with a relatively small amount of high-powered exercise, weight loss is possible. The key is to do it regularly, ideally, daily.
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