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So Tell Me, How Do You Burn The Fat?

8/17 10:35:25
Ultimately, the key to steady weightloss is to burn the fat that is stored in various parts of the body at a regular pace. But how do you burn the fat when it seems so rigidly in place?

Fad diets that consist of counting calories in a variety of different ways only last as long as you are "on" them. Once you stop, annoyingly, so too does the weightloss. Even more frustrating, is the fact that many times, a year down the track, not only have you put back the weight you originally lost, but you have added to it as well!

Tasty slimming shakes and specially prepared foods don't burn the fat stores either, they simply reduce your calorie intake. Again, as soon as you stop taking them, your weightloss stops too.

Changing the way you eat can help reduce the calories, contributing to weightloss, but again, don't burn the fat stores that you need to in order to regain the shape you desire. Simply eliminating the fat in foods doesn't necessarily mean that you will eliminate the fat on you. In fact, some fats are good for you - such as those found in fish, nuts, olives, and seeds.

So what is the key to weightloss and looking great? What is the secret to managing not to move, but to burn the fat that you have found so hard to shift until now? I'll tell you. Metabolism.

By speeding up your metabolism, your body will automatically burn the fat stores gradually and evenly all over your body, resulting in a steady weightloss and returning it to the state it once was.

Since it is not possible to choose one particular place on your body with extra fat such as the hips, thighs, stomach, or bum and just burn the fat from the stores in those areas, it's necessary for you to do an overall job - on the whole body.

In order to speed up your metabolism, burn the fat and lose weight, you need to exercise. Although there are two types of exercise - anaerobic and aerobic, the latter has the advantage that it will continue to burn the fat stores even after you stop exercising.

The longer and harder you have been exercising, the longer your body will continue to burn the fat stores for, adding to your weightloss - even if you are doing nothing but watching TV! You do aerobic exercise when you walk, swim, or cycle.

Weightlifting falls into a slightly different category. Although it does not increase your metabolism, it is an activity that will burn the fat through increasing your lean muscle. In fact, for every extra pound of muscle you put on, you will burn 40-50 more calories, so it's an excellent exercise for weightloss!

Ironically, eat! To aid weightloss and burn the fat stores on your body, you need to kick-start your metabolism, which slows down when you don't eat, particularly overnight. So a big breakfast is very important.

Eating little and often - around 6 times a day - will also help to maintain a higher metabolism helping your body burn the fat stores, resulting in weightloss.

That said, it's also important to watch what you eat. Weightloss never occurs when you eat loads of deep-fried, sugary, and convenience foods which are high in fat and low in nutrition. Try instead to go for foods that are high in fibre - such as spinach or bran - and limit toxins such as alcohol, sweets, and caffeine. Also, drink lots of water, around 8 glasses each day.

Apart from the weightloss and shaping of your body, an increased metabolism also provides you with more energy.

So what are you waiting for? Burn the fat, lose weight and feel great the natural way!
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