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Frustrated with Your Weight Loss Results?

8/17 10:34:50
Are you training your body to be fat? I don't ask you this question to frustrate or discourage you, but to get you to take a minute to remember to basics when trying to lose weight. When you approach fitness and weight loss it is essential to remember that our bodies are amazing and the majority of the time our bodies stay in perfect balance.

The average American gains 1.5 lbs.of fat a year. That calculates out to an excess of 5,250 calories for the year or an extra 14.38 calories per day! This means that that one last bite at dinner, if it is one bite too much, really does add up!!! The point is physiologically speaking our bodies are smart and function exactly how they should. What ever form we are right now results mostly from our life style and habits or in essence how we are "training" our bodies' everyday. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. If we want a different outcome then we have to make some changes!!

Why do we do what we do? It is important to change our habits, but before we can be effective in making that change permanent, it is essential to evaluate the core of our being and analyze our belief system. Everybody does everything for a reason. If we can alter our belief system and change the way we think that will result in a change in behavior and a change in our habits.

For example: You get home late. You have been driving the kids to and from school, to soccer and back home again, and it has been a long day of running errands and finishing work. You come home to a house that looks as if a tornado has passed through. You are tired, worn out and just need a little break. You go to the refrigerator and open the freezer and you see the carton of ice cream screaming your name. You reach in the freezer, and grab your favorite carton of ice cream with a giant spoon in your hand, and your start to dig in. What is it about the ice cream that you believe is going to help you feel less stressed? There is something or you wouldn't have been eager to grab that container. Many people turn to food to comfort them. I am not saying we shouldn't enjoy food; There is nothing wrong with enjoying your food, but there needs to be a healthy balance.

When you become dependent on food the tendency is that you are going to overeat, with the misconception that food is the bad guy, and ultimately you will develop an unhealthy relationship with the food that you eat. We have to get back to truth. Is food an enemy? Of course not... we would not be living if it weren't for food. Is food going to relieve our stress? Most likely not. It is only going to distract us from the problem that we don't want to face. Make sure your belief system is based on truth! Then you can begin shaping your habits from there.
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