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Obesity Surgery and Weight Loss Surgery

8/17 10:34:21
Also called: Bypass surgery, Gastric banding, Obesity surgery

If you're very overweight and can't lose pounds with a healthy diet and exercise, surgery might be an option for you. The surgery is usually for men who are at least 100 pounds overweight and women who are at least 80 pounds overweight. If you are somewhat less overweight, surgery still might be an option if you also have diabetes, heart disease or sleep apnea.

Severe obesity is a chronic condition that is very difficult to treat. For some people, weight loss surgery helps by restricting food intake or interrupting digestive processes. But keep in mind that weight loss surgery is a serious undertaking. You should clearly understand the pros and cons associated with the procedures before making a decision.

In order to understand how weight loss surgery works, you need to first understand how the normal digestive process functions.

Speaking of alternative weight loss methods, have you tried any other approaches? Many individuals are able to successfully lose weight with healthy eating, exercise, and weight loss products, like diet pills. While there are some individuals who opt for weight loss surgery right away, there are others who only use it as a last resort. Although weight loss surgery, like gastric bypass surgery or lap-band surgery, is more than worth it, you may be able to lose your excess weight without having to spend a large amount of money doing so.

Another factor that you should take into consideration, when determining if weight loss surgery is right for you, is your health. If you are overweight, have you been noticing any other health problems or has your doctor outlined the importance of losing weight for your health? If this has happened, you may not have a choice when it comes to undergoing weight loss surgery. For some individuals, weight loss surgery is, literally, lifesaving.

As it was previously mentioned, two popular weight loss surgeries include gastric bypass surgery and lap-band surgery. While there additional weight loss surgeries that you can undergo, these two are the most popular ones. The surgery that you would like to undergo is also important when determining whether or not weight loss surgery is your best option. For instance, gastric bypass surgery requires the stapling of the stomach, whereas lap-band surgery involves an adjustable or removable band. When deciding which weight loss surgery you should undergo, your decision will need to be made in conjunction with a healthcare professional.

Any weight loss surgery should be done so after careful consideration; several in-depth talks with your doctor and surgeon, discussions with your loved ones (because after all, you are talking about a major change in your appearance and that will affect everyone in your life, not just you). Understand the risks involved, weigh out the pros and cons and proceed on the best course of action to get you back to a healthy life.

What Is The Cost of Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery?

Bariatric gastrointestinal surgical operations cost about $25,000 or more, depending on the experience of the surgeon, the medical team, the surgical procedure and the level of post-op services chosen.

Is Obesity Surgery Dangerous?

Yes. Both types of bariatric surgery (gastric banding and gastric bypass) involve major operations lasting one to two hours (longer if performed laparoscopically) and patients typically need three to five nights in hospital. The first night following the operation is usually spent in a high dependency unit or intensive care environment.
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