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Lose Weight in No Time with a Gastric Bypass Surgery

8/17 10:34:05
This is the age of instant gratification and in the scramble to become successful, one simply does not have the time and patience to do something which is time consuming. This is evident in every sphere our life and keeping in line with this, we have a surgical weight loss procedure that is quick and simple. Mini gastric bypass surgery is one procedure that is being adopted by many people who want to lose weight quickly and without any hassles.

Obesity has turned out to be a severe problem. In fact, it is reaching epidemic proportions and that is why it is very important to take care of this before it is too late. Obesity leads to several complications which can turn out to be life threatening and at times it can also cause the death of a person. Mini gastric bypass surgery has come as a boon to all those people who are looking to shed off their excess weight but never find the time to do so due to the busy life they lead.

Mini gastric bypass surgery is a minimal invasive surgical procedure; where the patient does not have to undergo any major surgery to lose those extra kilos. In this process, the stomach is partitioned into a small tube; the other portion is then separated. Then the smaller portion of the stomach is attached to about six feet below the small intestine. The larger or the bigger portion of the stomach is left unattached. Now the smaller portion of the stomach, which is attached with the small intestine, decreases the amount of food that a person can eat and the bypass of the stomach decreases the levels of absorption of calories and fats. Once this happens, it is natural that a person will start losing weight. The mini gastric bypass surgery has been performed on a large number of people and the amount of weight loss reported by them is about 140 pounds in a year.

There are many benefits of undergoing a mini gastric bypass surgery and patients have reported that they have successfully got rid of several medical conditions as a result. Some of the conditions that one gets rid off are sleep apnea, diabetes, arthritic pain, high blood pressure and urinary incontinency. Any patient who decides to use mini gastric bypass surgery for reducing weight must make sure that they are properly informed about the whole procedure beforehand. Remember that not every person who is overweight or obese is a candidate for undergoing the gastric bypass surgery. The patient must be between the age of 16 and 55 and must be having a body mass index or BMI of 40 or more.

Also the patient must be active, in the sense that he or she must not be confined to bed, else this procedure is not suggested for them. The patient must not have a history of diseases like drug overdose, alcohol abuse, collagen vascular disease and many others as well. The patient will have to sit with the doctor and find out exactly if he or she can actually undergo the mini gastric bypass surgery for weight loss.
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