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Are You A Sumo Wrestler? Weight Loss Lessons From Japan

8/17 10:33:57
Apologies for the blunt headline, but hey, you know me: I don't mince my words, I just tell it like it is!

When I found this out, I just had to share it with you. As you're reading the facts, I'd like you to think about who it reminds you of.

In their training stables in Japan, sumo wrestlers are taught to eat in a manner that leads to massive weight gain. Here's what they're taught:

1) Skip breakfast.

2) Eat lots of mostly unhealthy food and drink lots of alcohol.

3) Eat only two or three giant meals a day.

4) Go to bed right after eating a big, high-carb meal.

Does that list look familiar? Yep, the average overweight person in the UK eats like a sumo wrestler whose goal is to weigh 500 pounds!

In fact number 4, which nearly everyone I know who is overweight does (eats a meal containing pasta or rice or potatoes then goes to bed) is so effective at storing body-fat that the sumos do it twice a day!

To be honest, Sumos probably get more activity than the average 9-5 office worker too! Is it any surprise our nation is the fattest it's ever been!?

We can learn several lessons from this:

First, going to sleep after eating a high carbohydrate meal seems to be VERY popular with the sumos. Maybe, just maybe, we should avoid eating too many carbs at night if we want to have a fairly flat tummy?

Second, if these guys, who are trying to get massively fat and as large as possible purposefully skip breakfast, drink booze, and eat only two or three large meals a day, maybe it would be a good idea to do just the opposite to these 500lb monsters!!

How about this?

Start each and every day with a nutritious breakfast, lay off the booze and junk food, and consume five or six smaller meals per day?!? Not too hard right?? Just general advice.

Just a thought ...

If you read this article nodding your head, then it's fair to say you may need to make some changes - unless, that is, you plan on donning a large nappy and trying to push a pony-tailed man the size of a small elephant out of a ring??

If you have friends or relatives who are behaving like this just ask them "Are you training to be a sumo?" - make sure you wear a gum shield whilst doing so!!

Copyright (c) 2007 Paul Mort
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