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When Your Rear End Is Twice The Size Of His

8/17 10:32:43
"Baby got back" may be the title of a song, as is "And I love big butts and I cannot lie". And if you ever see these music videos all you need to do is mute the sound and you would think that they are advertising Jello Pudding (based on all the jiggling going on). There are indeed men out there who love, I mean LOVE a big rear end on a woman. So much so that they have to break out their bibs to catch their own drool when they see one.

If you have a big butt and your man does drool all over himself because of it, you're lucky! Even Jennifer Lopez tells her trainers to make sure that whatever work outs they give her, to preserve that apple-round-bottom of hers. And while this one asset of ours may be indeed bring us (or them) great pleasure, being overweight does not come with the territory.

If you're man is not happy about your weight gain and it shows especially in those areas that are considered "high feminine" area such as our curvy waste lines, butt and chest area, what can you do? Is your g-string still visible when you give a performance or is the skimpy fabric covered over by the excess sausages around your waist? You're okay as long as you can still see your underwear and so can your partner, but it may be time to giddy up and do something if finding your underwear requires a treasure map to find it and dig it up.

Honestly now, what others think of us is really none of our business. Especially since relying on others for feedback about whether or not we should feel happy about ourselves is pretty superficial. What is important is how we feel about ourselves that determines what type of show we put on for our man in the bedroom, don't you agree? If you just asked yourself: "what show?" then you'll love the tips below. Beauty is always relative to the person who decides what beauty really means to them. Since we look in the mirror and the only person we'll ever see in there is us, it is super important to feel good about ourselves.

The other challenge is that the other person's facial expressions change as soon as they see us naked. His face either reflects pleasure and turn-on (besides many other drool-causing emotions) or disappointment and let-down. We then pick up his facial expressions, which is information we use to formulate how we want to react and feel about what just happened on that man's face when he saw you naked.

Our beauty is fleeting (and boy is it fleeting alright!), inner beauty, however, is here to stay. Confidence and happiness are soul qualities. So let's focus on these first, the gorgeous and sexy body that will make heads turn will follow automatically.

The following tips may help in strengthening the powerhouse of a woman you already are:

1. Even if you feel unattractive, start doing some nice things for yourself first, something other than shopping, because they will help you feel more encouraged about yourself.

2. A great way to feel more confident and sexy is to wear matching bra and underwear, no one can see them, but you will know it and it will reflect on the outside.

3. Instead of expecting him to light the candles for you, light the candles for yourself when you put on your make-up or you take a bubble bath (especially if you're single).

4. Get your toes done even if it's in the middle of winter and you don't think that anyone will ever see it. You will see it and it will make you feel "put together" and taken care of.

5. And most importantly, let go of any negative feelings such as jealousy towards other women who are skinnier than you; be peaceful about the way you look and know that absolutely no one can take your place in the divine, and no other woman is capable of stealing your man from you.

Nothing can be stolen from you if it is meant to be yours, so the need for to be jealous of another woman is a complete waste of energy. Provided you have married the right partner you have absolutely no competition, no matter what other women look like. Your loved one will have eyes for you only, and he thinks the world of you no matter what you look like. He may hurt not because you're overweight, but he may feel your pain of being unhappy with yourself. And how unfair it would be for us to expect him to care for us if we don't even care for ourselves. The only thing he wants to see is a peaceful woman who is confident inside and out.

PS: If this description is far from the person you are currently with and he even threatens for you to lose weight or else he'll leave you, then he may be doing you a great service. You may want to consider letting him go so he can run after moving "trophies" so you can focus on getting yourself in perfect condition to welcome the man you were meant to be with in the first place.
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