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How This Mother of 3 Lost More Than 70 Pounds

8/16 17:31:45
Last updated: Mar 02, 2016 From Health magazine
Hilary Andreas didnt want to settle for her postpregnancy shape—so she dropped 70-plus pounds.

After having her third baby last Oct­ober, Hilary Andreas was thrilled about her expanding family—but not about her expanding body. At 198 pounds and wearing a size 18, this Portland, Ore., mom wanted to slim down. “I made a pact with myself that Id do whatever it took to lose weight,” says Hilary, now 30. She took strategies from plans like the South Beach Diet and the Fat Flush Plan, such as cutting sugar—mostly by keeping her hands off her kids snacks. Hilary started walking five times a week and lifting weights; she slowly started running until she could jog more than four miles four to five times a week. In five months, Hilary lost 60 pounds, and she has shed 13 more since then. “When I was heavier, I didnt feel as full of life,” she says. “Im a totally different person now.”
Before Now Pounds: 198 125 Size: 18 6 Total lost: 73
Sweet reward
Heres Hilarys special treat: A scoop of Breyers Fat Free Vanilla Ice Cream topped with a tablespoon of Adam's Organic Chunky Peanut Butter and 10 to 15 chocolate chips.

How she curbs cravings
Hilary mixes 1 cup of Trader Joes 100% Cranberry Juice and 7 cups of water in a pitcher and sips on it throughout the day to control her sweet tooth.

A fit family
Hilary and her husband are training for a marathon, and their kids are taking gym classes so they stay active, too.

Her gift
Hilary wanted a pair of skinny jeans—so we got her a pair from one of her favorite designers, Rock & Republic, to congratulate her on her weight-loss success.
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