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Learning About Easy Weight Loss for Teens

8/17 10:32:36
Learning about easy weight loss for teens is crucial when you have an overweight teenager. Not only does being overweight as a teenager have long-term emotional consequences, but more and more studies are determining that our future cardiac health depends a lot on what we do to our bodies as adolescents. Easy weight loss for teens involves understanding the peer pressure your overweight teen may be facing and learning about the basic principles of weight loss.

Being overweight as a teen can be a brutal experience. Teasing and peer pressure is at a peak during these years as our children move from childhood to adulthood. It can be difficult to form positive attitudes that will benefit your child as an adult when he or she is constantly ridiculed for being overweight. The negative comments they receive will either be held inward or projected outward at society or people in general. Teens that are overweight may develop a poor self-image and resort to fad diets and starvation to attempt to achieve the body that so many celebrities have set as the "ideal" body. Anorexic models and extremely thin starlets are splashed all over the magazines many teens read. The diets that these dangerously thin celebrities follow are available on the internet as easy weight loss for teens.

It's imperative that you help your teen understand what easy weight loss for teens is really about. Just as with many subjects such as sex and drugs, if they don't hear it from you, they may follow misinformation from their peers or the media.

Help your teen understand the basics about proper nutrition. Easy weight loss for teens does not involve fad diets or starvation. You might need to educate yourself first on this subject. There's a lot of misinformation out there regarding weight loss and proper nutrition. No carb's, lo carb's, maple syrup, high protein... it's an unending list, really.

Easy weight loss for teens can be found within a simple equation. Weight maintenance dictates that calories consumed must be equivalent to caloric output. Therefore, if weight loss is desired, the equation must be shifted to have a caloric deficit. This can be achieved by lowering the amount of calories consumed, increasing caloric output via exercise or best of all, doing both.

Your teen needs to understand that easy weight loss for teens doesn't mean fast. A healthy goal for weight loss is around one to two pounds per week. Drastically lowering calories will achieve quicker weight loss, but the trade-off is that metabolism is lowered, thus making it more difficult to lose weight in the future.

To begin easy weight loss for teens, use a calorie calculator to determine the appropriate amount of calories for your teen based on height, weight, age, sex and activity level. Calorie calculators can be found free of charge on the internet. From there, set up a plan that will create a calorie deficit of 500 to 1000 calories per day to achieve either a one pound or two pound per week weight loss goal. It's imperative that your teen achieves this deficit through diet and exercise.

For calorie information, read food labels. Your teenager needs to read these labels and learn how to properly portion food. We live in a super-sized country. Seeing what a real portion looks like can be surprising at first. Easy weight loss for teens, however, cannot be achieved unless they understand portions and learn approximate caloric values of different foods.

Consult the food guide pyramid available at www.eatright.org for information on what types of foods your teenager should be eating. The misguided notion that carbohydrates are bad has created a lot of confusion. As long as the majority of carbohydrate consumption is whole grains, fruits and vegetables as opposed to simple carbohydrates like sweets and white breads and pastas, carb's are okay and should be a regular part of your teenager's diet. Choose lean meats over high fat meats and try to incorporate fish into your easy weight loss for teens plan. Dairy is also an important food group. Just remember to choose low-fat or fat free dairy products.

Above all, in learning about easy weight loss for teens don't forget to be a positive and encouraging part of your teen's weight loss. Try not to pressure them. They're feeling enough pressure at school and from themselves. On a bad day, an encouraging smile and a big hug may be all they really need.
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