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Cereal Is The Newest Weight Loss Tool

8/17 10:32:17
Special K has a great promotional idea going with their "Special K Challenge." After all, so many of us want to shed the extra pounds we put on during the Holidays, what's wrong with them offering us a little help while they introduce their new line of snack products? Besides, the program is logical. You are cutting calories if you substitute two meals a day with either Special K Cereal or one of their snack bars and milk. Cutting calories usually leads to weight loss, right?

Won't you be hungry? Undoubtedly. But their suggestion of snacking on healthy fruits and vegetables between meals is very valuable. For centuries, those who tended crops would refresh themselves with the fresh foods that were handy. The combination of minerals, vitamins and enzymes contained in fresh food alleviates tired muscles, provides energy to the brain and helps remove any toxins that might be releasing alongside the melting fat.

The first thing you do to get started on the diet is to answer a series of questions about your eating habits. From there they take you to a page where you can choose from their myriad of snack products. When they do the calendar for you, however, they suggest a snack product, rather than a fruit and vegetable.

"But wait!" I protested. "I thought I was supposed to eat cereal or your new waffles for breakfast, fruits and vegetables for snacks and then choose either cereal of one of your snack bars for lunch? I'm confused!

Finally I decided there wasn't a problem here. I only have 15 pounds to lose. So, I'll eat fruit with breakfast, snack on some broccoli or baby carrots on my morning break, have one of your snack bars for lunch along with a banana, and save my mango for my afternoon break! Voila!

Special K has teamed up with Yahoo Health on this particular endeavor. When you visit their site, you'll be privy to all sorts of articles that further educate you with regard to weight loss, healthy hearts, recipes and medical articles. Yahoo Health is not just about dieting. The information here is valuable, well written and exceptionally informative. Turns out this site is worth visiting over and over again.

Finally, the Special K Challenge has a support group at Yahoo Groups. Once again the page is filled with interesting articles and challenges designed to encourage success. There is even a sweepstakes going on for the weight-loss challenge. All you have to do is write share your weight loss success story.

It's always fun when big marketers get involved in endeavors like these. They do things really big and with lots of glitter. It seems that they have gotten together a good group of people to help, too. Fitness guru Debbie Rocker has a contact page, you can locate a buddy, if you so desire, or share recipes for that all-important evening meal.
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