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Weight Loss Surgery: A Lifelong Flab Ridding Solution!

8/17 10:32:02
A major cause of bodily disorders in the multitude, obesity, increases frustration and promotes low confidence level in individuals. Many of them indulge in crash dieting, only to land up in other bodily troubles. However, dieting or exercise produces a nominal change in the body weight (maximum of 25 pounds). Besides, there is another stumbling block on the way to shedding weight- maintenance. It is not always possible to stick to a diet plan. Often it is quite disappointing to put off one’s favorite food in fear of gaining weight. As the frustration level creeps in, it becomes increasingly difficult to take up this life long plan.

Nevertheless, things have been made easier. Thanks to the incessant researches carried out in the field of medical science. Weight loss surgery offers a permanent answer to every obesity related queries. Weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery involves removal of large segments of the patient's stomach and intestine. Over the years, the process has been modified and redefined to yield better results.

The American Society for Bariatric Surgery describes two basic approaches to weight loss surgery:

• Restrictive procedures that decrease food intake
• Malabsorptive procedures that alter digestion, thus causing the food to be poorly digested and incompletely absorbed so that it is eliminated in the stool.

The Restrictive Procedure is based on a simple theory. Restrictive weight loss surgery works by reducing the amount of food consumed at a time. The surgeon creates a smaller upper stomach pouch. The pouch, with a capacity of approximately 1/2 to 1 oz. (15 to 30 ml), connects to the rest of the stomach through an outlet known as a "stoma." In a cooperative and compliant patient, the reduced stomach capacity, along with behavioral changes, can result in consistently lower calorie intake and consistent weight loss.

Malabsorptive Procedures were developed for patients who did not respond positively to the Restrictive Procedures. This procedure was devised in conjunction with the restrictive approaches to yield the appropriate result. Some of these techniques involve a bypass of the small intestine, thus limiting the absorption of calories. On balance, malabsorptive or restrictive procedures have resulted in an overall increase in the loss of excess weight.

However, weight loss surgery depends on several factors to ensure best results. These include:

• Patient's age
• Weight before surgery
• Overall condition of patient's health
• Surgical procedure
• Ability to exercise
• Commitment to maintaining dietary guidelines and other follow-up care
• Motivation of patient and cooperation of their family, friends and associates

Once these conditions are analyzed, performance of the surgery becomes easier. Besides, patients can also look for information on weight loss surgery on the Internet. In fact, weight loss surgery is best recommended for highly obese people as they cannot possibly lose tons of weight through dieting. So bring about a change in your persona by getting rid of extra flab and notice others’ eyes turning around with awe!
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