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Drink Fruit and Vegetable Juices Help for a Healthy Diet!

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Before you start this diet you should know it`s good to drink the juice immediately after you prepared it, use only fresh vegetables, and don`t use sugar or honey for the teas (use sweetener if you want).

Vegetable juices:

The carrot juice: It contains vitamin A, important for the skin. Always add a teaspoon of cream or sunflower oil. You need nine or ten medium carrots for a portion of carrots juice. Avoid large carrots because they usually have a wooden middle.

The tomato juice: It has a large amount of potassium, beside vitamin C. It stimulates metabolism, clears your body of toxins, and helps burn calories faster. Use six ripe tomatoes for a portion.

The sauerkraut juice: This juice contains a lot of natural lactic acid which stimulates digestion and metabolism. It`s highly indicated for sedentary people or when you feel too satiated. It has large amounts of vitamin K and C.

The broccoli juice: Broccoli is said to have benefic actions against osteoporosis, to reduce fats, and clean the body of toxins. Put the washed broccoli in a blender and drink the juice with some water and lemon three times a day.
The red beet juice: It`s rich in potassium, magnesium, folic acid, and vitamin C. It accelerates the metabolism and makes stronger muscles. For a portion of beet juice three oblongs roots are enough.

The cucumber juice: It has the effect of eliminating the water retained in body tissues. It also adjusts the intestinal transit and thanks to a substance similar to insulin is also recommended for diabetics. The cucumber juice may be obtained in a blender, or grated and pressed. Because it doesn`t taste that good, you may mix the juice with tomato juice or apple juice.

Fruit juices:

The apple juice: This juice is excellent for fast weight loss and a better intestinal transit. It also cleans of the toxins from your body. The juice is prepared from well washed apples, cut in slices and pressed. If you add two or three teaspoons of lemon juice at a glass of apple juice you may increase the effect of the juice.

The grapefruit juice: This fruit has large amounts of vitamin C and an enzyme that accelerates the digestion and metabolism. Cut the fruits in half and squeeze them. Drink a glass in the morning before breakfast, and the other two glasses within half an hour before your main meals. The pink grapefruit is less bitter and also lower in calories.

The plume juice: . Plumes have a well-known laxative effect . Try to drink the juice with some water and three or four teaspoons of lemon juice.

The lemon juice: the large amounts of vitamin C that lemons contain are said to protect the heart and help cell regeneration. You may drink five glasses of water per day with two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. Drink the first glass in the morning on the empty stomach, the next two between the main meals and the last two glasses after lunch and dinner. You can also make an infusion in 0.2 gallons of water and the peal from three lemons. Let it boil and when it cools use it instead of water. To each glass, you may add two or three drops of fresh lemon.

The diet below is only one possibility. You may replace the juice with one of the juices mentioned above.
In the morning: one or two cups of rosemary tea. It’s said to lower the blood pressure.
9 am `: 8,7 ounces of carrots juice mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil.
11 am : 8,7 ounces of sauerkraut juice with small-cut parsley, lovage (seseli), or dill.
12 pm : a large glass of mineral water.
1pm: 8,7 ounces of red beet juice.
4 pm: a cup of hawthorn tea (try to leave the hawthorns for two or three hours in cold water, then boil them).
5 pm: 8,7 ounces carrot juice with basil and a teaspoon of cream.
6 pm: a large glass of mineral water.
7 pm : 8,7 ounces of tomato juice.
8 pm: o cup of tea of lime tea or jasmine.

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