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Tips From A Life-long Fitness And Weight Loss Expert

8/17 10:31:36
Denise Austin began her fitness career long before most people think of such things. At the age of 12, she entered the world of gymnastics. Her dedication to the sport eventually led to her receiving an athletic scholarship to the University of Arizona. After transferring to California State University, Long Beach, she graduated with a degree in physical education. Her passion for fitness drove her to devote herself to helping others about fitness. She began teaching classes, producing shows and video tapes while writing books and columns to help others get into shape.

Austin promotes living a healthy life and staying fit through natural methods, encouraging exercise and portion control over dietary supplements or surgery. Eschewing easy weight loss programs and other fad diets, Austin encourages people of all ages to get into and stay in shape. Below, we'll talk about the Denise Austin philosophy of losing weight and staying fit.

Controlling How Much You Eat

One of the key components of Austin's philosophy on losing weight is to watch how much food you consume. She stresses that the portions we typically receive in restaurants are far too big and shouldn't be used as a barometer of what is appropriate. Instead, she encourages people to learn to cut the food we receive in restaurants into portions based upon what is right for our bodies. The rest should go into a box to take home.

Eat Plenty Of Fiber

Fiber serves 2 important functions for losing weight. First, consuming fiber-rich foods such as apples, almonds and oatmeal makes you feel full more quickly. This prevents eating simply because of cravings. In effect, the fiber acts as a natural hunger suppressant. Second, fiber promotes the elimination of waste material from your body. Many of the foods we eat have a high-fat content that our bodies are unable to easily absorb. Fiber helps your body eliminate this fat.

There Is Such A Thing As "Good Fat"

Some foods are filled with good fats which can have a positive impact on our bodies. For example, nuts, avocados and fish have healthy fatty acids and can lower blood cholesterol levels and the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease. Austin encourages people to eat foods with the right kinds of fats.

Eat Plenty Of Fruits And Vegetables

Austin also promotes eating fruits and vegetables. First, they'll make you feel full more quickly because of the fiber within many of them. Second, they contain many of the nutrients your body needs. Third, they act as a great conduit of water throughout your body while helping to fight off diseases.

The Denise Austin Philosophy Of Losing Weight

Much of Austin's philosophy on losing weight focuses on knowing what causes you to crave food and fighting those cravings at their source. Portion control, generous amounts of fiber, good fats and plenty of fruits and vegetables combine with behavior management to help you lose weight and live a healthy life.
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