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Jillians Mission to Keep America Fit

8/17 10:31:25
Jillian Michaels Helps America Lose Weight

Though most people may recognize Jillian Michaels as a TV personality, she has been deeply-immersed in the fitness world for years. Battling her weight since she was a young girl, Michaels enrolled into martial arts classes. The strenuous physical activity began to have an effect on both her mind and her body. She lost the extra pounds that had plagued her since her youth. She also gained a new appreciation for a life built around fitness. Martial arts changed Michaels' life. Based upon her own experience, she developed a passion for helping others who were struggling with their weight.

Today, Michaels continues to devote her life to helping people lose weight, get into shape and live healthier lives. Through her TV appearances, her books, DVDs and website, she reaches out to those struggling with their own weight problems in order to help them gain confidence and live with a renewed passion. Below, you'll learn about her TV appearances as well as the 3 components that comprise her philosophy on weight loss and fitness.

In The Spotlight

Though Michaels has appeared on a number of TV shows, she is best known for her role as the trainer and leader of contestants on the highly-rated show "The Biggest Loser." Her fervor and passion drove her performance on the show. The audience could tell that she was inspired to help others based upon her own struggles in the past. Michaels' first appearance drew fans to the show and has all but guaranteed her a spot as long as she wishes.

3 Components Weight Loss And Fitness

The foundation of Michaels' philosophy on losing weight and staying healthy is built upon 3 components: diet, exercise and attitude. Devoting equal attention to each of the 3 components, she emphasizes that leaving any part of her formula out can prevent a person from succeeding with developing the healthy lifestyle they envision.

Dieters are encouraged to enjoy a meal plan that is customized according to the dieter's metabolism and body type. According to Michaels, each dieter is working with a different set of tools. Therefore, they should eat according to their own body's needs and abilities. She even shows her followers strategies to follow while dining out. The 2nd component, fitness, is a key element in losing weight. Michaels insists that losing weight is a matter of calories. That is, the number of calories your body burns should be greater than the number consumed.

Getting Off The Couch

Jillian Michaels is the first to say that her program doesn't offer a "quick fix" to losing weight and living a healthy life. Rather, dieters are told that fitness and health are the result of effort while losing weight can require the most effort of all. The emphasis on the 3 key components of her weight loss and fitness philosophy has encouraged thousands of people to take action. If you'd like to lose weight and get in shape, explore how Michaels' program can help.
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