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9 Summer Diet Tips to Stick to in the Fall

8/16 17:30:12

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Get up and get moving

This past summer, I got into a great routine of running in the early morning to avoid the hottest temperatures of the day. I knew if I didn't run before the hot weather hit, I'd need to take my workout inside to the treadmill, which forced me to get up and get moving.

Plus, when I exercise in the morning, not only do I burn calories, but I also set myself up to make better choices all day long, so I plan to continue this routine into the fall.  

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Take advantage of the weather

Fall is a great time to exercise outdoors and enjoy the cooler temperatures and fresh, crisp air.

Walking, running, biking, and hiking will get your heart pumping, and also treat your senses to vibrant foliage, crunchy leaves underfoot, and fresh fall smells in the air. 

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Eat seasonally

It's easy to fill your meals with a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables during the summer months, but when the colder months roll around, it's harder to find these foods in abundance.

Instead of missing out on important nutrients in my diet, I utilize the frozen variety and alter my recipes to include produce that is in season.

See what's in season for fall here.

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Eat a healthy breakfast

Many people's schedules become less hectic during the summer months, so it's easier to fit in a healthy breakfast.

In the fall, eating a healthy breakfast should remain part of your morning routine. Starting each day with a balanced, nutritious meal jump-starts your metabolism and gives you energy. It also holds off your hunger between meals, so you don't overeat later on.

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Visit the farmers' market

Lots of farmers' markets stay open well into November, so drop by to stock up on fruits, vegetables, herbs, and local meats. Many root vegetables are in season and are an inexpensive and nutritious way to add variety to your diet. Plus, the fresher your food, the healthier you'll be!

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Think outside the box

Always wanted to take a ballet class? Or learn how to play soccer? Fall is a great time to learn something new.

New exercise classes get started at gyms, and local teams start to form, so look around for something that peaks your interest.

Plus, a good workout doesn't have to seem like exercise. If you thought spending a day at a water park was a fun way to burn calories in the heat, try walking around an orchard picking apples this fall!

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Head outside for lunch

Taking a walk on your lunch break is a great way to soak up some summer sun—and to fit in some exercise.

Don't let this healthy habit fall by the wayside as the weather cools. Just be sure to dress in layers, so you can remove the outer ones once your body warms up.

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Get active during TV time

In addition to cooler weather and all things pumpkin, fall means television premieres of my favorite shows.

Instead of sitting down and watching hours of TV, I make a date with the gym. During my favorite shows, I walk or run on the treadmill or strength train with dumbbells or resistance bands while I watch. During commercials, I do push-ups and sit-ups.

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Drink up

During the summer, you need more water than usual because of the heat, so it's easy to chug it down. It also fills you up between meals.

Drinking more water can help you lose weight, so make sure you stick with this diet tip into the fall and all year long.

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