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4 Reasons Why Mindful Women Dont Get Fat

8/16 17:30:04

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Have a slow-food Sunday

Or Monday, or Tuesday—the point is to reserve one night for a lazy, sit-down meal. Grab your man or invite a few friends over, then dim the lights and add music. A glass of wine with food typically enhances the whole experience, says Alice Domar, PhD, executive director of the Domar Center for for Mind/Body Health in Waltham, MAss. That may account for research showing that moderate drinkers are leaner.

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Dress up leftovers

Spooning last night's pad Thai into a pretty bowl and zapping it in the microwave doesn't take much more time than eating it cold over the sink. Warming food enhances its taste and smell, says Young . So does "putting down your fork between bites and taking the time to chew," she adds.

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Own your splurge

Eyeing the bread basket? Take a whole piece and put it on your plate rather than mindlessly picking off broken pieces.

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Take a sweet vacation

If polishing off a pint of fro-yo while doing the dinner dishes feels like a tease, wait until the kids are in bed, dish out a few tablespoons of full-fat ice cream and let it melt on your tongue without distraction.

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