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6-day Process Diets

8/17 10:29:30
A 6-day process diet is a diet program that allows you to diet for 6 days then take a day off. You follow the diet plan for six days. You watch what you eat, exercise and take their diet pills that you get when you order the plan. Then you get a free day to do whatever you want and eat whatever you want. How is this possible? Surely by cheating that one day you are messing up everything you have done for the first 6 days.

One reason is that if you constantly follow the plan and have no break you are less likely to stick to the program. By having a day off you can satisfy all your cravings and start back with the program when your free day is over. You will be willing to keep going when you know that when you are getting tired of the program you have a cheat day coming up.

Many people choose to have their day off be Saturday because that is the one day of the week when people tend to want to go out or entertain friends and family. By having the entertaining day as their free day they won't feel limited to eating the right food they can relax and have fun with everyone else.

Another reason for the 6-day process diet plan that allows you to have the day off it will help you loose weight faster. Even dieters need to cheat a little. By having a cheat day you will see a boost in your metabolism from the day off and that boost will go through the next six days and then it is time for another day off.

Diets like the crevax diet that allow you to have a day off from your diet when you can let your hair down and relax is a new concept. All the other diet plans I have ever heard of require you to follow their diet plan until you achieve your goal. Then the problem is that when you achieve your goal and you go off the diet you gain the weight most of the time. When you are able to take a day off of the diet for you so that you can do whatever you want you get back on track and you are able to accomplish your goal and are able to keep the weight off.

The 6 day process diet teaches you the importance of eating right for six days. This diet plan is not just a simple fly by night diet. It is for people that are serious about losing weight. If that is you chances are you will have better success going on a 6-day process diet than you would have if you went on a diet that was strict about you staying on their diet and not having any time that you could satisfy your cravings.

The 6-day process diet plan is truly a unique plan that should be tried by anyone needing to loose weight.
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