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Negative Calorie Foods for Quick Fat Loss

8/17 10:28:43
For many people, fat loss program begin with fasting or starving himself in order to shed extra fat from their body. But this is a false notion. It is not the quantity but the quality or the type of food they intake. They can fill their belly by eating large quantities of low-calorie foods especially like radish, cucumber or tomatoes. This will help their body to balance the proportion of energy generation and energy expenditure.

They can plan a low carbohydrate, medium fat and high protein diet that will help them to shed excess fat. Negative calorie foods are amazing way to burn extra fat stored in the body. These foods require more calories to digest that what they provide. Thus make the energy expenditure more than the energy generation. This will force the stored fats to burn and transform into energy.

Sometimes, fats are stored in the body due to the accumulation of toxins. In such a situation, a body detox is must to eliminate toxins from the body. It is advisable to include fiber rich food in the diet to cleanse the body system naturally.

Following is the list of items that are forbidden for fat people -

1. Cake, biscuits, ice cream
2. Dry fruits
3. Potatoes, edible roots (tubers)
4. Chocolate, jam, honey, sugar
5. Soft drinks and fruit juice
6. Alcohol

Note: It is better not to keep these food items at home if you are on diet.

Following is the list of items that are freely allowed for fat people -

1. Vegetable salad
2. Vegetable soup or moong soup (floor not to be used for making the soup)

Note: Take before meals, a glass of diluted buttermilk with ice added to it.

Do not starve yourself in order to reduce your body weight. The fat that has accumulated over a period of years becomes a part of the body and it is not desirable to make any undue haste in trying to get rid of it. Weight reduction program should be undertaken rationally and in a planned manner.

So if you are planning a fat loss diet, be sure to keep the complete information about fat burning foods and negative calorie foods before starting your fat loss program.
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