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Eat Cookies And Lose Weight

8/17 10:28:10
Cookie Diet Review

History of the Cookie Diet

Dr. Siegal, a doctor based in Miami, Florida, developed the original cookie diet. The cookie diet is also his trademark. As an obesity expert, he developed the cookie diet in 1975 as an answer for his patients who were losing faith in their diets due to hunger. He developed the cookie diet cookies a convenient, sensible snack that should curb hunger and therefore help his patients to stick to their diet.

Dr. Siegal realized, early in his career, a fact that helped shape his future reputation: he realized that his patients were failing at their diets because hunger was causing them to cheat. He figured out that he could help his patients stick to their diets and lose weight if he could control their hunger. With extensive chemistry knowledge in his background added to his passion for cooking, Dr, Siegal discovered that if he combined certain food proteins, called amino acids, in a particular way he could produce foods that offered unusual hunger control qualities per calorie. Using his discovery, he created his now-famous diet cookies. Later he went on to develop other products using the same technology like shakes and soup that had the same hunger-controlling qualities.

The cookie diet cookies do not however contain any prescription drugs and they are therefore available to purchase without obtaining a doctors prescription. The Cookie Diet cookies can be used as a diet in themselves or they can be used in conjunction with other diets as a snack alternative or they can simply be used to help control the appetite.

Over the past thirty-two years, according to the official site, the cookie diet has been used by more than 500,000 people and the cookie diet has helped them reach their goal weight. The cookie diet has also been used by more than 200 other physicians in their own practices to help people lose weight.

The Cookie Diet today

Recently there has been a sudden resurgence of interest in the cookie diet. There are two companies who seem to offer the ‘cookie diet’ – Dr. Siegal’s official company and a company called Smart for Life.

Both of these companies offer “cookies” which aim to help you lose weight and both are easily found on the internet id you search for cookie diet.

The cookie diet no longer consists only of cookies but both companies offer shakes, meal replacements, soups, muffins as well as a variety of cookies.

Does the Cookie Diet work?

Since the diet, using the cookies, uses only 800 calories a day, chances are that you will lose weight on the cookie diet. Whether the cookies are healthy and provide the right nutrients, vitamins etc, is a topic debated by medical research. Apparently even Dr. Siegal does not recommend the diet as a long term option. If you’re looking a short term solution then the cookie diet may be a viable option, but whether it will help you to change your lifestyle in the long run and keep the pounds off, remains a mystery.

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