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Tipping the Scale in Your Favor, Forever!

8/17 10:27:56
Shedding those extra pounds has become something of an obsession for most people nowadays. In majority of cases it is even a necessity. However, most weight loss regimes start off with shedding a few pounds and then going back to square one for lack of commitment and motivation or perhaps because the wrong methods are applied. Losing weight is a frame of mind. And keeping it off is even more so.

Here are some ways of loosing weight and then keeping it off as well.
Your exercise regime is the most accurate way of predicting your weight loss and maintenance future. No less than five sessions per week each of thirty minutes is required to bear results. Many of us come up with the excuse of not having enough time to exercise. This has been remedied by a new research proving that instead of one 30 minute schedule a 10 minute, thrice a day one is just as sufficient to help you achieve your weight loss goal. Do something you would actually enjoy like jogging, swimming, dance classes etc. Persuade a friend to join in. This will give you a better chance of sticking to it.

Setting your goal on becoming healthy and fit will get you much further then wanting to become thinner. Try to maintain a healthy diet by taking foods that are recommended by the Food Pyramid. Getting enough of essential nutrients is very important in effective, healthy long term weight loss. You must use supplements to make up for what you can’t get enough of.

Remember that losing weight too fast only means you are losing water and muscle, not fat. Muscles are important for keeping up BMR so a decrease in muscle mass leads to the body burning fewer calories and preventing us from losing weight. Losing 1-2 pounds a week is sufficient and will keep you motivated.

Eating less fat would help you lose weight but that does not mean guzzling on crazy amounts of fat-free products. They may be fat-free but not calorie-free.

You could get a diet plan from an expert source and then try stick to it. One place where you can always be sure of help in this regard is Miracles For Men. Eat slowly and chew your way through every tiny morsel you put in your mouth. Gulping it down in a hurry will not only deprive you of the pleasure of feeling the taste of the food but also lead you to eat much more than what your hunger needs to be satisfied.
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