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Is There Such a Thing as Rapid Weight Loss?

8/17 10:27:09
A lot of people want a slimmer and sexier body and some people have managed to sculpt their bodies to look healthy and desirable. If you ask these people, they probably used effort, patience and discipline. Not everyone is patient though, and not everyone wants to spend the time, effort and money required to look the way they want. Therefore, these people often opt for rapid weight loss plans that may not be as effective as they were led to believe.

Research shows that fast-track diets or rapid weight loss practices are only good while they last and rapid weight gain normally occurs shortly thereafter. For example, if you follow a low-carb or low-calorie diet, you will likely lose weight. As soon as you resume your “normal” or pre-diet eating habits and start eating carbs again or the same number of calories you used to ingest, you will put on weight again. If you can’t live with your “diet food” for the rest of your life, you won’t be able to maintain the weight loss when you stop your diet.

Scientific research shows that rapid weight loss is water loss, not fat loss. While this may seem unsafe, your body regains water losses quickly, which will result in you putting the weight you just lost back on. Basically, you don’t really lose any weight after all is said and done. Don’t be fooled by certain diet pills, particularly those that claim to make you lose a large quantity of body fat in a few hours/days. These pills only remove water weight. Some weight loss products promise to increase your metabolic rate while suppressing your appetite. You should be aware that the body is capable of losing 2 or 3 pounds of fat per week, not 50 pounds....

You may have heard of yet another rapid weight loss product: the slimming soap. These soaps are supposedly made from a unique concoction of seaweed and rare Chinese herbs and they are supposed to help you lose body fat by using emulsification while taking a bath. Some soaps specialize on particular body areas such as thighs. While the ingredients may make your skin feel softer, no studies were done to prove that such soap would emulsify excess body fat.

Some other products such as magnetic weight loss earrings also claim to reduce pain and accelerate the healing process. These earrings, because they are magnetic, are supposed to balance your own magnetic field, which is supposed to reduce pain and accelerate the healing process. However, no studies published in medical journals exist to prove these assumptions. You could buy them to try them, but it’s probably a waste a money if you’re expecting results. You might as well get some fancy beautiful earrings that you will enjoy wearing.

Basically, if you want a beautiful toned body, you have to sweat to get it. If a rapid weight loss product appears on the shelf today and seems too good to be true, it probably is...
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