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Discover What is Wrong with Fad Diets

8/17 10:27:01
Fad diets can help you lose weight and get results rapidly. Is there anything wrong with that? You’ve certainly seen advertisements in magazines or on the Internet about a product or diet allowing you to lose an enormous amount of weight in a few short days. Can it be true? Possibly, if you include temporary weight loss caused by the removal of water weight... The human body is largely composed of water, so by rehydrating yourself, your weight will reappear all of a sudden.

Are there other reasons why fad diets aren’t good for you?
1. Most fad diets focus on you eating a single food and avoiding all other foods. How can your body receive all the nutrients it needs if you are depriving it from a balanced diet? Sometimes these diets will warn you about the nutritional deficiencies you could experience and then suggest you take additional vitamins, minerals and other supplements to cover for the unbalanced diet. One thing they don’t tell you is that your body can’t absorb these supplements without the proper food intake. The exact foods they tell you to avoid are those that will help your body absorb the vitamins and supplements that you need.

2. Most fad diets are limiting and tasteless (or even worse, taste awful) so after a few days or hours, your body starts to crave other foods. Sometimes these cravings are overwhelming and will force you to abort your fad diet. Not only will your body not lose any weight, but you will beat yourself up for not having enough willpower to be successful with your diet plans.

3. Fad diets can (at best) be temporary solutions to your weight issues. Even on the remote chance that most people were to follow through until the end and lose weight, no permanent lifestyle changes were made. These people will put the weight back on soon after they lost the initial weight because they still don’t know how to deal with food. This results in fad dieters being yo-yo dieters that switch back and forth between binges and starvation periods. Fad diets create the cravings for particular items and binge eating is very common. Being on a weight rollercoaster is not good for your wallet, your wardrobe, your self-esteem and most importantly your health.

The media may introduce a new fad diet tomorrow but you must remember that they are simply fads that aren’t here to stay and that the secret to weight loss is consistent efforts and changing your lifestyle to include exercise as well as healthy and balanced meals. The formula is simple and it doesn’t include fad diets.
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