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How to Flatten your Stomach in a Healthier Way?

8/17 10:26:19
Everyone wants to have flat stomach to look attractive but there are many health benefits of having flat stomach. This article emphasize on how to flatten your stomach in a healthier way.

Strong and well-toned abdominal muscles are important because they support and protect some of the most vital organs and increase their efficiency. Your abdominal pelvic cavity contains the liver, gall bladder, stomach intestines, pancreas, spleen, bladder and kidneys. Strong abdominal muscles support the membranes that keep these organs in place and enable them to function properly.

By giving proper support to the lower spine, firm abdominal muscles help avoid or eliminate lowest back pain. They can help prevent or clear up some of the complications of constipation.

You can build and maintain a firm and flat stomach by adding a few abdomen strengthening exercises to your daily routine. These exercises are not intended as substitutes for but as supplements to diets or other exercises designed to reduce fat.

As with any exercise program you need a fitness expert guide. The exact amount of exercising you have to begin with depends on your age and physical condition. You must start slowly. These exercises should be approached gradually as some are simple and some rather difficult. Half the exercise can be tried with one repeat at first and then the other half repeated once. If there is a feeling of stiffness or soreness the next day, it means ‘too much’ was done. Gradually, you must reduce the exercises in one day’s session and increase the repeats to a level that feels comfortable. Twelve repeats of eight exercises is quiet a good score. If you can’t do them all, you can do those you can and need not worry about the rest. If a particular exercise seems too difficult or causes pain, stiffness or soreness it must be left out. After several months of conditioning, you must see whether you can add more exercise without strain; if not, it must be left out again.

Exercises must be done daily. Although any time that is convenient is fine, you are less apt to become a dropout if you do exercises first thing in the morning. Before you begin you must measure your girth at the morning. Before you begin you must measure your girth at the level of your navel with your stomach relaxed. Then you must pull your stomach in as far as you can and measure it again. Both the measurements must be recorded. This must be done once a month on the same date and the recording noted. You will notice improved abdominal strength in a few weeks, but visible improvement may not be seen for a month or more. You must keep at it.

Apart from regular exercise session, you need a diet that can support your efforts in getting a flat stomach. ‘Strip that Fat’ is one of the most efficient diet programs for weight loss.
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