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List of Healthy Foods for Maintaining Ideal Weight

8/17 10:26:13
Maintaining an ideal weight prevent you from a number of diseases and keep you both physically and mentally fit and active. A right selection of foods plays a key role in maintaining your optimum health. This article gives you a brief list of healthy foods that will help you to maintain an ideal weight.

You must eat a high fiber diet. It is an effective prescription for so many remedies ranging from simple constipation to major diseases like coronary heart disease, chronic constipation, colorectal cancer, hiatus hernia, gall and kidney stones, high cholesterol levels, all diseases related to high cholesterol levels and diabetes mellitus. Dietary fiber is that part of plant food which transverses the small intestine and is not digested by endogenous secretions.

One of fiber’s most important functions is to absorb water in the intestine to form a gel. It helps rapid passage of bowel contents. High carbohydrate high fiber diet causes slow release of sugar (carbohydrate) into the system and helps effective control of diabetic state. The fiber also helps in absorption, re-absorption, and metabolism of bile acids and cholesterol which are implicated in the pathogenesis of coronary heart disease and gall stones.

The high sources of fiber food come from minimally processed cereals like wheat, rice, maize, ragi, etc.; legumes like beans, millets; root vegetables like carrots, turnips, leafy vegetables and fruits. Useful suggestions of a healthy diet include:

• Cereals should be processed as minimal as possible.

• Avoid sifting rice, wheat, ragi or maize flour while preparing dishes out of them.

• Pulses can be cooked with the skin

• Have vegetable fiber food with each meal

• Certain fruits can be eaten with peel, like apple, mango, etc.

• Drink minimum two glasses of water with each fiber meal and in total about eight glasses per day.

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