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For Sale - Overweight Body Will Consider Trade For Thin One

8/17 10:25:50
How often do you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and just turn away in disgust. I used to do that every morning. One look and I just knew what the scale was going to tell me – so I didn't even bother with that step.

I have dieting my whole life. First it was my mother putting pressure on me to lose weight. “Stop reading that book”, she's say. “Go outside and plat, or get some exercise”. Later she would sign me up for weight loss programs or clinics or exercise classes. Being a dutiful daughter, I'd go to the classes or clinics.... and then stop for ice-cream on the way home.
She did her best, but I was to young. I was more rebellious than anything else. Why, why, why, I'd ask myself – all my friends can eat whatever they want!

If you're reading this you all know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you? Growing up fat, the teasing, the rebellion, the denial and then the anger.

When I got older I started trying every diet I could find. I'd lose some weight, relax and then gain it all back – plus some. They call it the diet merry-go-round for a good reason! I never really kept weight off for any length of time. It would eventually all come back and the older I got the harder it was to take it off.

You see, I wasn't changing my lifestyle – I was just forcing myself to eat and exercise (minimally) according to someone else's idea of what was good for me. I was unhappy and just ate more to mask that unhappiness.

Today, I am at the ideal weight for me. I feel great, look good and I actually LIKE the exercise I'm doing! Me!!! Exercise and enjoying it! I never thought THAT would be possible! You see, the trick was to find what I liked. Not what someone else said was good for me – but what I liked.

It took a lot of trial and error, but with suggestions from family and friends and a new diet plan tailored to ME, I made it. We are, each of us, individuals. What works for one, will not necessarily work for another. Until I learned enough about dieting and exercise I was doomed to always looking for the easy way out. To wishful thinking that I could just trade my fat body in for a thinner model.
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