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How To Control Binging

8/17 10:25:30
Weight loss programs are a sure test of our will power. Occasional binging is allowed though it is better to consult the dietician regarding the same. Dieticians are nutritional experts who understand your metabolism and put together a diet that is rich in nutrition and at the same time satisfies your hunger pangs. Along with a planned workout it is possible to lose weight in a slow but steady way. The real cause of binging has to be known. This could be triggered due to depression or general boredom.

‘To err is human’ is the right way to describe when you indulge in the cravings for a specific food. The planning for diet is also done in a way to understand your body type and the fat burning process. Some people put on weight instantly and when they binge on the rare candy or sundae the weighing scale seems alarming. To avoid binging means to satisfy the taste buds with alternatives.

Carrot cake is tempting and so is the sundae. But choosing the former with no calorie sugar seems a better option. This way the taste buds are satisfied and also the craving is reduced. Schedule distractions the moment you watch the fries or a plate of wafers. Stock the kitchen with low fat items and say no to sugar. Though initially one may find the taste of tofu different or would take time to adjust with the soup it is definitely better to not completely avoid the food.

Completely abstaining from certain items increases our craving for the same. In such a case clear the kitchen of chocolates, fat rich foods, chips or fried ready items. In case the craving is heightened then stop consuming after having two pieces. It is just a matter of programming oneself or offsetting the desire with some substitute. For e.g. you want to eat something spicy or tangy then avoid the cheese in pasta and include a lot of herbs as garnishing. Pepper is an excellent remedy when one is craving for flavor.

Keep a diet journal handy. Update the same at the end of the day. Notice your binge items and days. Make a stronger commitment to avoid the same. There are excellent ways to avoid binging like taking the dog for a walk or flipping through a magazine. The best way is to exercise harder and fill yourself with small meals. Eat but avoid overeating.
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