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Do Not Listen To The Exploitive Weight Loss Industry

8/17 10:25:18
The exploitive weight loss industry hopes Americans continue to struggle with their weight!

Let's look at the facts. The statistics show that over 95% of people on a diet plan will fail and gain the weight back.

There is so much conflicting advice out there about dieting and weight loss. Eat low carb is the latest craze and will no doubt be replaced by something else a few years from now.

The plain truth is that diets just don't work. You might lose weight for a while, but always seem to gain it back, and then some. Do you see a problem here. I sure do. With so much advice from so called experts out there, why are we so overweight and getting fatter?

I would venture to guess that people are just plain tired of dieting. They've tried everything out there, jumped from diet to diet, become frustrated and given up.

What we need is a shift in thinking. A paradigm shift. We need to stop thinking about dieting and start thinking about what foods our body needs to function properly.

Our bodies are wonderful, resilient machines. In order to have optimum health and optimum weight, we need to feed our bodies with the right fuel.

Look inside a typical grocery store. The aisles are filled with processed foods: crackers, cookies, bake mixes, white bread, breakfast cereals, bacon, lunch meat, hot dogs, sugary fruit juices, frozen dinners, margarine, white flour, salad dressings, frozen pizza, cool whip, chips, soda, etc.

What if we took a different approach to dieting. What if we decided to look at food as fuel for our body. It needs fuel (food) to survive and function properly, so why not feed it with optimum fuel. Not fast food, junk processed food like cookies, crackers, most cereals, white bread, and the hundreds of common grocery foods that are loaded with trans fat and ingredients we can't even pronounce. Most of these junk foods have no nutritional value and do nothing to promote health.

Say no to the exploitive weight loss industry, make smart food choices, and you'll be amazed at how fast the weight comes off!
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