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The New Revised Lemonade Diet 2009

8/17 10:24:54
With the advent of the lemonade diet in 1941 by Stanley Burroughs, the Lemonade Diet has been quietly providing health relief to anyone who's willing to give it a try for 10 short days. Ever since, ten and thousands around the world have benefited from this program to detox and lose weight. With so many happy users, there's been new improvements made to give rise to The New Revised Lemonade Diet 2009

1. Changing Lifestyle and the New Revised Lemonade Diet

The Master Cleanse is a serious detox program designed to get serious results. For many of us doing it the first time, we face more challenges than those who have been through this program several times. One way to increase the rate of success towards the completion of the Master cleanse program is to remove any "Temptation". Therefore a good time to begin this program is when you have cleared out the old food stock and replace those foods with healthier types of food. If you wish to improve your health, you need to change your lifestyle first.

2. Goal Visualization while doing the New Revised Lemonade Diet

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. This statement is especially true as pictures help us to visualize the results of our goals. By having a picture of "Before" and "After" the master cleanse program, you will be reminded of the end results of the detox program which you are doing. The New Revised Lemonade Diet removes around two pounds of weight everyday and thus, within a very short period of time you will start to see results which will encourage you to press onward until the completion of the Master Cleanse program.

3. Keeping a Journal while doing the New Revised Lemonade Diet

The virtues of "Keeping A Journal "has been extolled by many especially with respect to those in the personal development areas. A journal is like a friend to keep you company when you are feeling down. You will feel much better after writing down what you are feeling during bad times. When you are doing the Master Cleanse, keep a journal so that you can document your journey towards the end of the New Revised Lemonade Diet program. In addition, by writing down your feelings, you are able to reflect back on those moments as well thus helping you to keep on track with your Master Cleanse program.
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