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Manipulating Metabolism to Achieve Weight Loss?

8/17 10:24:12
Simply stated, metabolism is the process by which your body converts food into energy. The faster your metabolism works the more calories you burn, the slower your metabolism works, the fewer calories. Dieters are sometimes misguided in their efforts to accelerate metabolism unnaturally through the use of drugs or speedy supplements. This approach may temporarily "jack - up" one's metabolic rate for the purpose of weight loss, but over a longer term is doomed to fail, and any weight lost will, no doubt, return with a vengeance.

In truth, over seventy percent of your metabolism is used for basic functions such as breathing and heart beat, and is not easily controlled (this is called Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR). Like a furnace set on automatic for room temperature, your BMR burns calories at a fairly even rate, twenty four hours a day. Products designed to speed up your BMR over the long haul generally act like petro-fuel being tossed into your body's "furnace." Such substances, usually stimulants (whether natural or synthetic), are marginally safe for the short term but often have dangerous side effects associated with continued or longer term use.

Once you stop taking the metabolism "accelerators" your body will react violently in the reverse direction and overcompensate to "slow down the burning", i.e. the yo yo effect where weight rapidly returns with a vengeance, usually with interest!

The good news is, about thirty percent of your metabolism can be controlled. How? Through physical activity, of course. In addition, physical activity stimulates muscle growth, which is also good for weight loss, as muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue. This is nature's way of keeping your body lean.

But there's more good news - internal cleansing can also naturally speed up a sluggish metabolism. When a body is toxic it attracts and holds onto fat as a way of trapping toxins - an automatic protective mechanism to keep them out of your bloodstream. In other words, the body's survival instinct determines that it is of course better to be fat than dead! The basic problem however is that this excess fat and toxin situation also slows down metabolic function and you tend to keep getting fatter - until you do something about the condition.

You may notice for example that when a bug runs into some bug spray and begins to absorb toxins it will slow down gradually and then eventually stop, dead in its tracks. Likewise the human body slows down as toxins are absorbed through artificial food additives and environmental chemicals.

Our society has been thoroughly inundated with chemical preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, chemical sweeteners, pesticides, industrial chemicals and on and on to an unprecedented degree. Never before in our history have people needed to deal with this insanely unnatural situation. Bodies get confused when ingesting these non digestible toxins and continually accumulate fat in their defense. Just observe the current overweight and obesity crisis - not to mention all of the medical risk factors proven to be associated with excess weight.

When you effectively rid the body of these toxins the metabolism picks up speed and resumes its normal rate of food burning. Weight that held on tenaciously before seems to just fall off and normal body functions are restored.

A recent University study conducted by Dr. Michale Gonzales (Bachelor degree in biology and chemistry (Catholic University), Masters in Cellular Biology and Biophysics (Nova University), Masters in Nutrition and Public Health (University of P.R.), Doctorate in Health Sciences (Lafayette University), Doctorate in Nutritional Medicine (John F. Kennedy University) and a Doctorate on Nutritional Biochemistry and Cancer Biology (Michigan State University) showed a direct correlation between system detoxification and weight loss, increased metabolism and restored health. Amazing body chemistry corrections often occur with lowered cholesterol levels, lowered glucose levels and increased Ph levels resulting from correctly administered cleansing. Each and every one of us can easily reverse the downward spiral of unwanted weight gain and compromised health in this simple way.

Conclusion: When it comes to controlling weight, the word metabolism only need enter the conversation relating to how fast one is burning calories through physical activity. Stay away from products that promise to speed up metabolism over a long-term basis. Cleanse periodically to restore metabolic efficiency and phase into a proper diet consisting mainly of chemical free, natural foods. And regular physical activity is of course your best guarantee over the long haul.
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