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Jenny Craig Food

8/17 10:23:45
It doesn't matter which diet you're following or how much weight you want to lose, knowing what you can eat is one of the most important factors to a dieter. And why shouldn't that be one of the decisive criteria? We need food to fuel our day, and we hear over and over that we can lose weight while enjoying foods we love. So is this true for Jenny Craig?

The answer is yes.

It wouldn't be possible to be one of the most recognized and successful weight loss plans if you weren't feeding customers food they wanted to eat. No dieter wants to feel hungry, and no dieter will on Jenny Craig.

The Jenny Craig diet is one that not only provides guidance for eating better and living more actively, but also offers convenience with its healthy, balanced, delicious meal delivery service. That's right, with Jenny Craig, you'll have to do little more than buy fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement the two snacks and three meals a day provided to you.

The Jenny Craig food comes in pre-portioned, calorie-controlled packages, with some being shelf-stable and some being frozen. This method makes meal planning for a dieter, whether at home or on the go, simple, convenient and effortless. Not to mention healthy!

Jenny Craig customers will consume approximately 1,300 calories a day from foods comprised of 60 percent carbohydrates, 20 percent protein and 20 percent fat.

And if you tend to be a finicky eater, or even have special dietary needs, not to worry. The Jenny Craig meals can be customized, and you can select diabetic or vegetarian menu options.

So back to that question of what it is you'll get to eat, take a look at these examples from the Jenny Craig menu:

Breakfast: Blueberry pancakes, french toast, cheddar cheese omelet, maple nut hot cereal.

Lunch: Tortellini soup, turkey club panini, broccoli and cheese potato, cheesy enchilada.

Dinner: Chicken parmesan, Szechwan pork, rising crust pizza, turkey chili, vegetable and chicken potstickers.

Snacks: Strawberry shortcake, honey mustard pretzels, white cheddar popcorn, cherries and chocolate cheesecake.

That's just a sampling of the more than 80 meals that Jenny Craig will deliver to your home to make your diet and weight loss journey more simple, and flavorful.

What if you find yourself hosting a dinner? Well, you certainly can't share your Jenny Craig food with guests. That's why Jenny Craig has a library of healthful, delicious recipes that you can prepare while on plan, or afterward while trying to maintain your weight.

Whether a member or not, Jenny Craig's eTools are free to everyone and include access to their recipe library.

Try appetizers or sides like garlic rosemary mashed potatoes for 139 calories or sour cream dip with fresh fruit for 51 calories.

Make an entree salad like the pico de gallo shrimp salad for 110 calories or stock a potluck with the fall festival fruit salad for 151 calories.

If it's an entree you're after, try the grilled chicken and pineapple for 290 calories or the brandy pear pork tenderloin for 179 calories. Then follow-up with a diet-friendly dessert like the bittersweet chocolate torte for 145 calories.

If you're ready to lose weight in a healthy manner and in a way that will set you up for life-long success, then Jenny Craig is a great option for you. If you want a diet that makes your weight loss convenient, delicious and satisfying, then Jenny Craig is definitely the plan for you.
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