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How To Get Rid Of That Extra Winter Coat (You Know...Those Unwanted Pounds)

8/17 10:22:43
If you live in a cold winter area like I do, this advice may help you achieve your fitness goals. I don't know about you but I have trouble during the winter months after the holidays shedding that "Winter Coat" (i.e. those unwanted extra pounds). This combined with "Cabin Fever" due to the winter months of being cooped up and the limited hours of sunshine creates a trifecta attack on my motivation to work-out. First of all the alarm goes off and it is still dark outside due to the shorter daylight hours of winter and it is also a lot warmer under the covers …so what motivates you and me to get up and go work out before starting our work day?

First make a mental note, second verbally say it out loud and thirdly make it a written goal either in your day-timer or on your Outlook calendar that says: "Each day I will do something good for my body and my well being." "I will discipline myself to work out the very first thing of each day in my own home gym."

It goes back to setting and achieving your goals which includes your fitness goals. Take that "before" picture of yourself and place it in a visual area perhaps on your bathroom mirror or on the cover of your fitness log or workout diary. Now don't be discouraged because the ultimate goal is to shed those unwanted pounds through a regimented work-out schedule. Use fitness products that will target those problem areas so that you can take that "after" photo showing off your brand new body this Spring or Summer!

Depending on the amount of weight you need to lose, this may not happen overnight but if you schedule that work-out on regular basis, log your exercise efforts and plan your nutrition for the day, you will achieve your goal weight. Now once you achieve your "after picture" you will want to maintain that weight. Sure you can splurge once in awhile (Let's face it, life happens!) but when you do, be sure to get back to your gym and evaluate the damage done by weighing in and using your exercise equipment there to work your way back to your ideal weight goals. Sometimes you may need to pick up a new fitness product or routine to help add variety to your work-out, because I cannot stress enough to incorporate a variety in your work-out by targeting a different muscle group one day and switching it up by adding an aerobic exercise the next day. (Note: If free space is limited where you live there are a lot of space saving fitness products out there that are multi-functional by working different muscle groups while saving space.)

When you have achieved a certain weight loss goal, or you had a great work-out be sure to reward yourself by nourishing your body with a healthy portion controlled snack or treat. (You know something that tastes good but is not that bad for you!) Also be sure to drink plenty of water to hydrate your body, to flush out toxins and to give you a sense of fullness, this too will help with your weight loss.

If you keep a weight loss/ work out journal to include your food intake of meals and snacks you will soon see a pattern of change toward a healthier lifestyle and by Spring you will shed that "Winter Coat"!
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