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4 Simple Ingredients For The Master Cleanse Recipe

8/17 10:22:38
You will hear of thousand weird names and ingredients when you go to make that perfect fat free low fat meal that you just caught on television. You just go shopping to the biggest departmental store in your town and find half of the ingredients are only available in big cities and some in other countries. Or may be the ones that are available are so insanely expensive that you would rather prefer eating the burger available at the nearest joint which comes a lot cheaper. Your plan to make that perfect meal just got busted and so is your wonderful diet plan.

The Master Cleanse Recipe saves you from all these bother. The lemonade concoction that you require to drink when you are on this diet needs four simple ingredients that you can easily find at your nearest departmental store. Firstly you need fresh lime juice. The canned variety has additives, preservatives and sugars that wouldn't go with the plan. Next you need maple syrup; here again the grade B organic variety. The cayenne pepper powder comes next and the last and the simplest of them all, water; uncontaminated filtered water.

Your preparations are now over. Let's move on to the recipe. You need to drink that juice 6-12 times a day. For preparing a single serving you would need to mix 2 tbsp of lemon juice and 2 tbsp of maple syrup on a glass of 10 oz of filter water. Add I/10th tbsp of the cayenne pepper powder on that mixture and your lemonade is ready. Gulp it down several times a day instead of your regular food and wait for it to wash away all the toxins of your body along with shedding all that unwanted weight of yours.

You could get an easy reference to the Lemonade Diet recipe and many more related information in Katie Jones' Master Cleanse Insider.
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