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How Can I Lose Belly Fat Fast and Get Slim and Smart

8/17 10:21:06
In order to lose your belly fat and get lean you must concentrate on two important factors i.e. your diet and your schedule of work outs. You need to increase your physical activity and eat less. There is no sole solution to lose belly fat. You can lose belly fat by altering your eating habits and follow an effective schedule of workouts. Include more of cardio exercises in your daily schedule, but you must perform those workouts by the highest intensity level then only you will notice the outcome. You need to have some interval between workouts as it gives your body time to recover and to let you work at the optimum intensity repeatedly. Always try to modify your work outs, if you continue to perform those same exercises, your body will get accustomed to. Then it does not affect your body. Performing cardio work outs at the same speed means lowering the rate of metabolism; this may result in loss of muscles.

In order to burn your stomach fat fast you need to follow the interval training routines.

Do not just initiate interval training directly. First and the foremost thing is to complete the aerobic exercises for around thirty minutes at a slow pace. In order to build stamina, start performing cardio at a low intensity. You can include some walks or running at a slow speed for fifteen minutes. After this when you have built sufficient stamina, work up for more time. When you accomplish till this level, now you are prepared to do some strenuous workouts.

Gold Level: In this level, you are required to do some warm ups for around five minutes which includes running or jogging in an average speed and then run for say, one minute, start jogging at slow speed for one minute, walk for a minute, repeat these till you have finished twenty minutes in total. Do not involve warm ups in twenty minutes. Cool down and stretch.

Platinum Level: Here you also require initiating warm up for five minutes or slight jogging. Jog at a slow pace and run for half minute, slow down jogging for a minute again run for half minute and repeat till you have finished 9-10 sets of jogging and running. You must involve at least fifteen minutes in total. Do not involve warm ups in this process. Cool down and stretch. Here your heart rate must be ninety five percent at the time of high intensity running intervals and it must be sixty to sixty five percent or less at the time of low intensity jogging intervals.

You must perform cardio work outs in the morning hours, it is much effective. The most important thing is that you must be consistent and you will observe the results by using an outstanding method of losing belly fat interval training.

If you continue working at high intensity level, you would promote the release of your muscle building and fat burning hormones. It helps in increasing your metabolic rate to get rid of extra calories after your workout is completed.

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