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Why Not Yo-Yo?

8/17 10:20:57
If you have tried several diets, you probably know what yo-yo dieting is. Yo-yo diet is a term used to describe someone who lose weight, gain it back, lose weight again and then gain it all back. It is sad to know that statistic of successful dieters versus failures are in great measure. Only ten percent of a hundred will be able to lose the weight and keep it off while the remaining huge portion gains all the weight back. Yo-yo dieting can be upsetting and sometimes can lead the dieter to depression.

Yo-yo diets are well endorsed and popularize by most celebrities who are why many people are hook up and want to try it, but understanding the unhealthy effects of this cycle can help us avoid the danger and consequences of it in the future.

Another reason why yo-yo diets are so popular is that it guarantees instant results. Most of us want to shed pounds in the fastest way, yo-yo diets can do that however, it will leave you frustrated and disappointed eventually because you will come to the understanding that you cannot live up to its standards and demand for the rest of your life.

If we are serious about losing weight, the right way to go is to exercise and eat less. If we are to consider a particular diet we must always consider the future, ask yourself if you can see yourself sticking to a diet for a while or even for the rest of their lives. I always tell my client that as long as you are not depriving yourself from food, and you are not looking and feeling weary then it is a good diet. I always remind them that once you have found the right diet for you stick to it, diets will work if you work it!

Another danger that is affiliated with yo-yo diets is depression. Depression is no no-sense, if we are depressed we are most likely prone to sadness and diseases. Yo-yo diets causes this because of the failures that you get from practicing this unhealthy method. So try to avoid yo-yo diets, it is not safe, not for a long time change and not practical.
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