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Are You Really Hungry?

8/17 10:20:54
I am pretty confident that you are now holding your pen and paper to lists all the information I am going to spit out in this topic and don't worry all the knowledge I will be giving you are based on my 6 years of expertise and I hope you can gain (not weight) something from here.

So what are the common signs of genuine physical hunger, perhaps you don't have to think deep about it because technically in some point in our lives we felt hungry, this may include a rumbling stomach, irritability, headache, dizziness and difficulty concentrating. These symptoms are signs that our body is asking us to feed them food to keep its vital parts nourished and functioning well.

However, in some point or another, we tend to ignore these symptoms causing our blood sugar to plummet dangerously, and if you are in a weight loss, going through the process without enough food could diminish your impulse control. In supplementary words, if your gym instructor starts looking like a walking chicken leg, it will be difficult to control what we eat and how fast we eat.

On the other hand, a craving does not shows the same symptoms as hunger, it can easily go away if we immediately shifted our attention to something else. Cravings can come from different factors such as, stress, lack of sleep, depression, boredom and even grief or it can also be influence by something you saw on the television or from someone else. Cravings is typically a body's way to reversed a distractive behavior such as stress that is why a lot of overweight people confess that they eat out of these emotions mention above.

So how do we counter cravings? Typically, to counter its attack you have to acknowledge scenario and circumstances that drawn you to cravings, for example, you love reading food magazines, a hobby like this can trigger cravings so much true to the saying 'you eat first with you eyes'. But again, cravings can be trigger by distractive emotions, the best way to address this is to talk to someone whom you really trust, share your thoughts and fears or you can pay a visit to a professional councilor to help you figure out the mess you think is out of your grasp.

Another way to suppress cravings is to eat spicy food with red-chili pepper since recent studies show that red-chili pepper contains a substance that can suppress our appetite, which lead to weight loss. However, if you are not a big spicy-food fan, you can still benefit from chili pepper by having yourself a concentrated form of this in a pill. Just recently, U and I cosmetics launches their newest diet breakthrough here in a America called Capsiplex USA.
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